Where to watch '4400'? Release date, trailer and all about the sci-fi drama series

The CW's new series '4400' premieres in October (Image via Instagram/televisionacad)
The CW's new series '4400' premieres in October (Image via Instagram/televisionacad)
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The CW network will soon premiere a new sci-fi series, 4400, that is all set to blow viewers’ minds. The show is said to be a reboot of the 2004 series, The 4400, which lasted four seasons and used to air on USA Network in the United States and Sky One in the UK.

While the storyline of The 4400 was interesting, the makers couldn’t keep fans hooked after two seasons. The upcoming CW series has a similar storyline.

4400 is about the titular number of people who go missing from their decade and literally fall from the sky to the year 2021. Although the show sounds incredible, fans of the original version hope that the new series will keep them entertained till the end.

When will '4400' be released?

4400 will air its first episode on Monday, October 25, at 9.00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on The CW. Viewers can also use livestreaming services such as Hulu, fuboTV, YouTube TV and DIRECTV Stream to get the channel.

The latest episodes will also be available for free on The CW app the next day or fans can watch them online on the network’s website.

Trailer of '4400'

The network has been releasing multiple promo clips and trailers for 4400 since May. The most recent clip shows 4400 missing people returning to Detroit after a century and not having aged a single day.

While they try to understand what’s going on and how they time traveled, the government and authorities are also working toward finding the truth. However, neither side is coming to any terms, which leads to protests and chaos.

What to expect from '4400'?

According to the synopsis of 4400, the individuals, who vanished from their century and landed in 2021, are described as "overlooked, undervalued, or otherwise marginalized.” Interestingly, they haven’t aged and don't remember the transition or time travel.

The synopsis further reads:

“As the government races to understand this bizarre phenomenon and contain this story from the press and the public, a social worker (Joseph David-Jones) and a community corrections officer (Ireon Roach) are called upon to deal with these returning refugees. Their ideologies don't match, but these two have a similarly minded pursuit to discover the truth, and they'll quickly find that they have a bit more in common than they thought.”

The show has a long lineup of cast members, including Joseph David-Jones (Arrow), Ireon Roach (Candyman), Brittany Adebumola (Grand Army), Jaye Ladymore (Chicago P.D.) and T.L. Thompson (Broadway's Straight White Men), among others.

Ariana Jackson, writer-producer on Lifetime's UnREAL and The CW's Riverdale, has penned the 4400 pilot.

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