Which team was eliminated from LEGO Masters Season 3 premiere? Recap and more

LEGO Masters Season 3 premiered Wednesday (Image via legomastersfox/Instagram)
LEGO Masters Season 3 premiered Wednesday (Image via legomastersfox/Instagram)

The much-awaited Season 3 of the LEGO Masters finally aired on Wednesday, September 21 at 9.00 pm ET/PT on Fox. The first episode introduced 12 teams competing for the $100,000 and the "Lego Master" trophy.

However, one team, Drew and Miranda, was eliminated from the show after they failed to impress the judges with their creativity.

Seven-time Emmy nominee Will Arnett is the host of LEGO Masters Season 3. Self-proclaimed expert Brickmasters and employees at The Lego Group, Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard, returned to judge the third season of the reality TV show.

LEGO Masters Season 3 premiere brought back familiar scenes

Season 3 of LEGO Masters was initially set to premiere on May 31, 2022, before being finalized for Fox's fall schedule. The reality show finally premiered on Wednesday and was welcomed with great cheer by the viewers. The synopsis of the first episode read:

“Teams are introduced and tasked with a space-themed challenge...building personalized spaceships.”

The show kicked off with host Will introducing 12 teams competing for the title, namely, siblings Asiza and Eddie, doctors Austin and Justin, brothers Brendon and Greg, friends Christine and Michelle, Canadian siblings Dave and Emily, small-town siblings Drew and Miranda, mother and son Emily and Liam, Anime Friends Jonathan and Xavier, Grandpappies Kerry and Patrick, Massachusetts Moms Liz and Erin, influencers Nick and Stacey and firefighters Stephen and Stephen.

The contestants walked into the Build Room for the first time and were excited to show their creations. Will announced their first challenge, saying:

“I want to launch season three the right way. Start things with a real big bang. You know, just blast off into this competition, really reach for the stars and I think it's pretty obvious where I'm going with this. We are going to space!”


"Say goodbye to Earth because for your first challenge, you're going to build your very own personalized spacecraft!”

Stephen and Stephen created an iconic image of a Maltese Cross, otherwise seen on the uniforms of all firefighters worldwide. The first mother/son duo to ever appear on the show, Emily and Liam built a spaceship that collects plants for their space garden.

Austin and Justin built a spacecraft shaped like a medical bag. Jonathan and Xavier built a The Millennium Mango to highlight their Filipino culture. Nick and Stacey built a live streaming space cruiser powered by maple syrup. Christine and Michelle made a dance floor. Asiza and Eddie built an LSS Smile Check.

Liz and Erin made a rockstar tour ship that is red, white, and blue, representing Boston sports teams. Brendan and Greg formed a ship representing their bond. Dave and Emily made a twin-pod cruiser with a hockey theme, while Kerry and Patrick made a space party shaped like a boom box.

With over six hours remaining in the challenge, American-Swedish NASA astronaut, marine biologist, and physiologist, Jessica Meir, appeared on the new season of LEGO Masters to surprise and support the teams.

Jessica announced that the show's winning creation would be displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The team also received a call from a satellite.

In the end, the judges adjudged Stephen and Stephen as the winning team of the first challenge of LEGO Masters Season 3.

Meanwhile, Drew-Miranda and Austin-Justin were in the bottom two. The judges decided to send Drew and Miranda home as the duo could not impress them with their design.

Tune in on Wednesday on Fox to watch the next episode of LEGO Masters Season 3.

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