Who is Ada Vox? Drag Queen reveals she auditioned for AGT season 18

Ada Vox set to appear in AGT season 18
Ada Vox set to appear in AGT season 18 (Image via Instagram/@adavox)

America’s Got Talent (AGT) is set to return to screens soon with season 18. The upcoming season will take off on May 30, 2023 and will feature various talented individuals as they showcase their uniqueness in order to get ahead in the competition.

One of the people who might make a potential appearance in the upcoming season is drag queen Ada Vox. She previously appeared in Queen of the Universe season 1 and is originally from San Antonio, Texas.

While in drag, the upcoming AGT contestant’s pronouns are she/her and then out-of-drag pronouns are he/him.

AGT season 18 will air its first audition round on Tuesday, May 30 on NBC and will stream episodes on Peacock.

Potential AGT season 18 contestant Ada Vox previously appeared on American Idol

One of the contestants who might appear in the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent is drag queen Ada Vox. The performer took to her social media to share a snippet of her time on the show and stated that she did something before showing the AGT stage.

In the caption, she wrote that she auditioned for the show and added that she’s been auditioning for AGT since she was 12 years old.

She added:

"Maybe now is the universe’s perfect time for me to shine and to stand for something greater than I could’ve imagined when I first began chasing my “#AGT dream”.

The drag queen is a vocalist and songwriter who previously appeared on American Idol. She appeared on the show first in 2017 and then in 2018, and made her way into the Top 10 during her second time on the show.

During her audition in the musical singing competition, she reminisced about the time when she appeared on the show during season 12 when she was only 19 years old.

At the time, she didn’t compete in drag and stated that after her time on the show, people attacked her sexuality and told her that upcoming America’s Got Talent cast member was horrible and that she didn’t deserve to be on the show.

She added:

"I let it get to me in a wrong way. It killed me inside. It killed me inside almost as much as people..were telling me that I should kill myself."

The judges panel which includes Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, were impressed by her drag outfit as she walked on stage in full drag. Katy Perry asked her about her journey and the upcoming AGT contestant stated that she worked during the day serving fish on a platter at a seafood restaurant, and added that she’s a “professional part-time woman by night.”

She further opened up about her time on the show during season 12 and told the judges that she was probably let go because she didn’t have her “stuff together.”

The judges proceeded to search Adam Sanders on their phones to get a “before and after” after which they encouraged her to continue her audition.


America's Got Talent season 18 will air its first audition round on Tuesday, May 30 on NBC and will stream episodes on Peacock.

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