Who is Amy's love interest in Heartland Season 16? Explained 

Amy and Finn from the famous show Heartland (Image credit: People Magazine)
Amy and Finn from the famous show Heartland (Image via UPTv)

After episode 4 of Heartland Season 16, viewers definitely surmised that Amy and Finn were going to be a couple soon. While Finn wasn't seen in the previous episodes, later, in season 16, Amy's inclination grew towards him.

Heartland Season 16, the latest installment of this long-standing family drama, premiered on August 6, 2023, on UPTv. The series is centered around the Bartlett-Fleming family, who share heartwarming moments as they take care of their horses and embark on new adventures in their lives and relationships!

Amy and Finn's chemistry in Heartlands (Image credit: UPTv)
Amy and Finn's chemistry in Heartlands (Image credit: UPTv)

Something was brewing between Amy and Finn in Heartland Season 16

Amy Fleming is the central character in the Heartland series. She is the sister of Lou Fleming, the youngest child of Tim Fleming and Marion Fleming, the granddaughter of Jack and Lyndy Bartlett, the mother of Lyndy, and shares a half-sibling relationship with Shane Grenier.

In the pilot episode, Amy experienced intense grief over the tragic loss of her mother, Marion, who sadly lost her life in a car accident while trying to save Spartan. Her sorrow was intensified by her inability to attend her mother's funeral because of the injuries she had suffered in the same accident.

As the story unfolded, over time, Amy discovered that she shares her late mother's remarkable gift of bonding with and aiding horses.

She was married to Ty Borden. However, Borden died a few years ago on the show. Now, two years later, Amy seems to have found a new love interest in Finn.

Amber Marshall as Amy in Heartland, (Image credit : TV Insider)
Amber Marshall as Amy in Heartland, (Image credit : TV Insider)

Canadian actor Robert Cormier made his debut as Finn Cotter in episode 1508 of Heartland. He portrayed the skilled farrier who first arrived at the ranch with his grandfather and their Shire horse.

Ever since the character's debut, he has significantly impacted Amy's life. He started as a friend and a possible love interest, but saw many ups and downs throughout the seasons. Finn initially stood Amy up, leaving her disappointed, only to return and persuade her to grant him a second chance.

However, recent developments have led to heartbreak, not just on screen, but in reality as well.

Robert Cormier form Heartland (Image Credit: UPTv)
Robert Cormier form Heartland (Image Credit: UPTv)

While season 16 of the show was setting up a romance between Amy and Finn, that skidded to a halt when Comier, the actor who played Finn, tragically passed away on September 23, 2022, due to injuries sustained in a fall.

The news of his sudden demise has deeply affected fans and colleagues across the globe, who have been expressing their heartfelt condolences to his grieving family.

On Heartland Season 16, Amy admitted that she had not yet moved on from Ty, whereas Finn was seen getting back together with Kristi, his ex.

Prior to the premiere of Heartland season 16, UPtv had a whole day of season 15 episodes, to bring fans up to speed before the new season starts.

Additionally, they also planned the Heartland Signed Swag Sweepstakes. Through this, 20 lucky winners can got their hands on Heartland merchandise.

Heartland Season 16 is truly captivating and skillfully blends family drama, romance, and the rugged charm of ranch life. The relatable characters offer a touching and heartfelt experience.

Season 17 of the show was premiered exclusively in Canada on October 1, 2023.

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