Who is Andres Valencia? All about the 10-year old art prodigy deemed a 'pint-sized Picasso'

Andres Garcia and Jordan Belfort ((Image via andresvalenciaart/ Instagram, and Retna)
Andres Garcia and Jordan Belfort ((Image via andresvalenciaart/ Instagram, and Retna)

Ten-year-old artist Andres Valencia has been one of the consistent highlights of Miami Art Week. As per a TMZ exclusive, 'Wolf of the Wall Street,' Jordan Belfort snagged a painting by Andres at Miami Art for $8,500.

The painting is King and Queen and is laid on a 29" x 11" canvas. Belfort told TMZ,

"What on God's Earth is this kid seeing when he picks up his instrument to draw and paint?"
Picasso Junior. 10-year-old artist Andres Valencia from San Diego, sells out his entire collection of paintings for up to $20,000 each. Art Miami’s Executive Director: “I’ve never witnessed someone this young so talented”.

He also described his painting as "shockingly interesting" after Andres Valencia drew something for Belfort at the venue. Other renowned people were impressed by Valencia's work, including Sofia Vergara, Channing Tatum, Brooke Shields, and artist Shepard Fairey who visited Andres Valencia's booth at Miami Art.

What is known about Andres Valencia?

Andres Valencia is a child prodigy as an artist from San Diego, California. The ten-year-old was born in 2011 and is presumably in fourth grade. He has been featured in Miami Art and has had immense success this week as an artist.

The fourth-grader reportedly sold all 17 of his paintings in three days at Miami Art for $5,000 to $20,000. However, as reported by multiple publications, the sales proceeds will go to the Perry J. Cohen Foundation for young entrepreneurs, artists, and art conservatives, amongst others.

As per his profile in Chase Contemporary art gallery, Andres Valencia's works are inspired by George Condo, Picasso, and Cubism. Last month, the artist had his first exhibition in New York's Soho with Chase Contemporary.

Andres is reported to have been painting since he was five years old. Furthermore, the child artist has been a part of his California public school's Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) program, where his teachers have only praised him.

Ten-year-old Andres Valencia has also collaborated with Canadian artist Raphael Mazzucco. In his profile at Chase Contemporary, Andres mentions,

"I just want the world to know my work."

Meanwhile, his parents, Lupe (a criminal attorney and prosecuting lawyer) and Elsa (a jewelry maker) spoke with the New York Post. Andres often listens to Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Freddie Mercury, and Michael Jackson while painting in his home studio till 11:00 pm.

Pamela Cohen, president of the foundation that is associated with the Miami Art, told ABC 7:

"He's really a prodigy. He really is...What touches me the most is at 10 years old, not only being a great artist, he's also donating a portion of the proceeds of the artwork ... so he's a philanthropist also."

Andres Valencia claims to be self-taught and says he is not emotionally attached to his paintings.

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