Who are Clayton Echard’s parents? Family explored ahead of The Bachelor finale

The Bachelor's Clayton Echard with his parents (Image via claytonechard/Instagram)
The Bachelor's Clayton Echard with his parents (Image via claytonechard/Instagram)
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The final leg of The Bachelor Season 26 is on its way. In the upcoming episode, Clayton Echard will visit his parents to talk about the choices he made on the show.

Since the beginning, Echard has emphasized multiple times the fact that he wishes for a marriage like his parents. His father, Brian Echard, and mother, Kelly Duff Echard, have been married for over 29 years.

They have always lived in Missouri where Brian worked as a sales engineer. The couple raised three sons — Clayton, Patrick and Nate.

Apart from being a reality TV star, Echard is a former football player and sales agent. There is not much information about his brothers’ professional and academic background. But Instagram pictures indicate that they are adventurous and travel enthusiasts who value spending time with family.

Brian and Kelly Echard upset with Clayton Echard

In a preview clip for The Bachelor finale, Echard was seen telling his parents about the choices he made on the show, but the parents looked pretty upset with their son. Brian said:

“They have a right to be upset. You put yourself in this situation. You screwed the pooch, in my opinion.”

Echard was then seen saying in a shaky voice that he wished he would have never fallen in love. For context, the show’s lead told all three suitresses in the previous episode that he was in love with them. Plus, he slept with two of them- Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. As a result, the third contestant, Susie Evans, left the show.


So, while he might have explained the same to his parents, it left them shocked. Echard was seen saying in the clip that he had no idea why these things happened. In response, his father said:

“Don’t blame anyone but yourself.”

When will Echard’s parents appear on The Bachelor?

The Bachelor finale is a two-part episode, with one releasing on Monday and the other on Tuesday. Echard’s parents will appear in the first episode, which is set to air on March 14 at 8.00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on ABC.

In the finale episode, Echard will confess to the final two suitresses that he’s in love and was intimate with both of them. The preview showed Recchia and Windey having their hearts broken, leading to Echard saying that none of them wanted to be on the show.

The promo clips have built enough curiosity among fans and only time will tell who Echard chooses in the end.

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