Who are Demi Burnett's exes? First girlfriend claims Bachelor in Paradise star cheated on her

Demi Burnett returns to Bachelor in Paradise (Image via Instagram/demi_not_lovato)
Demi Burnett returns to Bachelor in Paradise (Image via Instagram/demi_not_lovato)

Demi Burnett is a woman on a mission, and her return to Bachelor in Paradise has kicked up a storm online. The preview clip for Monday's episode has left fans confused. Why would the TV star even consider making a comeback given she left with a girlfriend the last time she was on the show?

A lot has happened since Kristian Haggerty went down on one knee to propose to Demi Burnett in the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale. After splitting up with her, she dated musician Slater Davis briefly before the couple quarantined together and their relationship went south.

Who is Demi Burnett's first girlfriend and why did the couple split?

Demi Burnett was 20 when she began dating Tiyana Sky. The couple was together for five months before they split when Demi Burnett cheated on her. However, they stayed in touch and spoke of getting back together often.

In an interview with Soap Dirt, Sky said:

"Demi and I were fairly serious. I was 16 at the time I started dating her. She was 20. I had just started college and just moved to Austin, where she was living at the time. We met on Tumblr. It was my first serious relationship and her very first and only relationship up until this engagement."

Demi Burnett and Sky were considering "moving in, being married, having children." Their future plans didn't hold water, however, as neither of them were financially stable at the time.

However, both tried making tiny adjustments in their lives to be with each other. While Sky transferred schools to live closer to Demi Burnett, Demi Burnett moved back to Dallas.

What went sideways?

Sky elaborated on how they were "always so passionate" but also very "toxic."

"It was daily fighting, making up, a lot of control, a lot of passion. That’s what made us so addicted to each other. Demi had so much control over me, I lost complete sight of who I was as a person."

Hosted by David Spade, Bachelor in Paradise premieres every Monday on ABC at 8:00 pm Eastern Time (ET). For more information, check local listings.

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