Who is Demi Skipper? Trade Me Project TikTok star goes viral after swapping bobby pin for Nashville home in 18 months

Demi Skipper during a Trade Me Project episode (Image via TikTok)
Demi Skipper during a Trade Me Project episode (Image via TikTok)

Would you trade your house for a Bobby pin? TikTok star Demi Skipper started her “Trade Me Project” with one goal in mind: she wanted a home.

Documenting her journey along the way, after 18 months, 28 trades, and five million TikTok followers, she finally owns a house in Tennessee.

Demi Skipper and her journey

The 30-year-old is from San Francisco, California. She started the project in May 2020, documenting every trade on TikTok and Instagram.

The plan was to trade a single bobby pin in exchange for another item of higher value. She planned to continue doing it until she landed herself a house.

Her first trade was a pair of costume earrings for the bobby pin.

The earrings from her first trade (Image via Trade Me Project/Instagram)
The earrings from her first trade (Image via Trade Me Project/Instagram)

As she documented her journey via social media, more people followed Demi Skipper and her journey to own a house. Her Tiktok account, “Trade Me Project”, began to garner more followers every day.

The items were considerably cheap and small at the beginning of her journey, like a glass set, vacuum, ironing board, etc. She made sure to exchange for higher-value items and even owned a tiny cabin at one time.

Other high-value items she traded in were an Xbox, iPhones, limited-edition sneakers, and even a few cars.

Skipper garnered enough followers for Chipotle to notice her and sponsor her for a “Chipotle celebrity card”. It offered unlimited food for a year and other perks at the food joint and was allegedly worth around $20,000.

This was Demi Skipper’s big price jump, as she traded the card for an item double its amount. The online star got a Tesla-powered trailer with solar panels and a full-size fridge worth $40,000.

The final trade

In her final trade video, Demi Skipper talks about shipping the trailer from Canada to Nashville, Tennessee, where she is supposed to trade it for the keys to a house.

A day after Thanksgiving, 18 months and 28 trades later, Demi Skipper finally owns a cute, pink shuttered, clapboard house. It looks small, but it’s worth much more than the bobby pin she started with.

While describing her experience, Skipper admitted that she would be happy to do it one more time. However, next time, she will probably give away the house to someone in need.

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