Who is Emma Chamberlain dating? Relationship history explored as she throws shade at ex-boyfriend 

Emma Chamberlain has opened about her channel, past relationships, and more (Image via Instagram/@emmachamberlain and @callherdaddy)
Emma Chamberlain has opened about her channel, past relationships, and more (Image via Instagram/@emmachamberlain and @callherdaddy)
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Emma Chamberlain is a well-known YouTube creator, famous for her relatable content. She recently made a guest-appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where the internet star talked about her channel, relationships, and more.

Chamberlain usually keeps her romantic life private, but on this occasion, she shed some light on her past relationships, without naming anyone. Here are some of the things she said about her ex-boyfriends:

"I found that in past relationships, I didn't feel as respected by the guys that I have dated in the past. Because I feel like they kind of, one relationship in particular, but it was, just like, I just felt like, you know, he was very critical of the fact that I like, maybe wasn't a super feminine girl."
"I felt like I wasn't enough, and in the areas that I was feminine weren't enough, so I felt like there was an effort to make me more feminine."

Fans believe she was throwing shade at her ex, Ethan Dolan. The two were rumored to be dating in 2018-19, while also creating content for their group "Sister Squad," which featured Emma Chamberlain, James Charles and the Dolan Twins.

It is also rumored that Chamberlain is currently dating Tucker Pillsbury, otherwise known as Role Model. He is an American singer, songwriter and a former rapper.

Relationship history of YouTuber Emma Chamberlain

In this article, we take a look at the unconfirmed partners Emma Chamberlain has dated.

1) Ethan Dolan

Rumors of Dolan and Chamberlain being an item were sparked off in early 2018, when the two were frequently spotted together and were collaborating on content. They were also part of the group Sister Squad and worked together on numerous videos.

In late 2018, when Dolan admitted to being dating someone, fans speculated it to be Chamberlain, going by their chemistry. Apparently, the two separated sometime in 2019, and stopped making content together as well.

2) Aaron Hull

News of Hull and Chamberlain dating began to surface in late 2019, when the two were creating content in collaboration. The rumors were fueled even more when Chamberlain posted a video called “Learning How to Skateboard to Impress a Guy." Hull is known to be a skateboarding fan.

However, they broke up sometime in January 2020. Hull addressed their relationship in a video he posted in September that year, explaining that the two just didn't work together, which resulted in separation. A few things he said in the video include:

“Distance and everything, the formula was just too hard. I think, from my point of view.”
“Emma was the greatest girlfriend, I couldn’t [have] asked for anything more from her. She was so supportive of me.”

3)Tucker Pillsbury

Pillsbury and Chamberlain are speculated to have been dating since August 2020, and were spotted together multiple times. Chamberlain confirmed on the podcast that she is currently in a relationship, and fans believe it to be with Pillsbury. She said during the podcast that her current relationship is "incredible" and "supportive," and she has no "complaints" from her partner.


On being questioned about her YouTube journey, Emma Chamberlain explained that she has tried to shape her content according to her growth, and has not let the platform stop her from evolving and changing. She said she might take a break from her channel, which has over 11 million followers, but is not leaving YouTube.

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