Who is Enisa on American Song Contest? Brooklyn singer was born to Albanian immigrant parents

American Song Contest contestant Enisa will be representing New York (Image via iamenisa/Instagram)
American Song Contest contestant Enisa will be representing New York (Image via iamenisa/Instagram)

Pop artist Enisa will appear on the American Song Contest and will represent New York in the competition.

After being on the development stage for many years, American Song Contest finally premiered on NBC on March 21, 2022. The reality show is based on the worldwide phenomenon Eurovision Song Contest, a 62-year-old mega hit competition overseas, which is watched by 200 million people annually.

American Song Contest, hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson, will feature 56 artists representing all 50 states of America.

The show will welcome a wide range of talents - solo artists, duos, and bands who represent the US states, territories and the capital, Washington D.C. The reality show will run for eight weeks and a jury of 56 professional musicians from the industry will judge the singers. Like the contestants, the jury will also represent one state or territory in America.

Who is American Song Contest contestant Enisa?

The 26-year-old artist was born to Albanian parents, and her approach to music includes inspiration from the Middle East. She embraces her Muslim heritage and infuses it with her contemporary soul pop music.

The singer began her own musical career in 2015 by performing cover songs and started making her own music in 2016. She is currently signed with both Atlantic Records and Highbridge The Label.

Following her graduation from Brooklyn’s esteemed Edward R. Murrow High School, she attended Brooklyn College, where she continued to develop her musical vision. She started uploading covers of various songs that exploded across social media and earned her millions of views. The star also earned critical acclaim from the likes of Complex, XXL, ThisSongIsSick, and more.

According to her website, she wants her listeners to "walk away empowered" after listening to her music. She said:

“I know firsthand you can come out of every situation stronger. I hope you hear a song, apply it to your life, and feel like you can overcome anything. My music is all about embracing this confidence."

The American Song Contest contestant has released several singles, namely Love Cycle in 2020, Count My Blessings, and One Thing in 2022. Her latest hits include the album Fake Love, for which Enisa has received global recognition. Speaking about her latest song, Tears Hit The Ground from the album, she said:

“I finished writing this song 4 years ago and held onto it until the perfect moment. I wrote it at a time where I felt like I was getting let down left and right by everyone in my life. It’s a song about feeling betrayed but feeling power in the fact that karma would make its way around and that hole that I felt like I was in would only be temporary."

Enisa recently hit #1 on both Billboard's Next Big Sound chart and Pandora’s Predictions chart. She has already proven to be a hit musician, earning success in India, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Morocco, Nigeria, and many more countries.

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