Who is Gio Helou from Selling Sunset spin-off Selling the OC?

Gio Helou (Image via Instagram/@giovannehelou)
Gio Helou (Image via Instagram/@giovannehelou)

Netflix is all set to premiere with its new Selling Sunset spin-off series, Selling The OC. The reality TV show will be introducing viewers to 11 Oppenheim Group agents. Among them is Gio Helou, who was among the first people to be asked to join the brokerage in Newport Beach.

Selling Sunset: Selling The OC was announced right before Selling Tampa premiered in December last year. After a long wait, the series is all set to be released in less than a week. In the forthcoming reality TV show, the new agents will strive to prove their caliber by selling their acclaimed clients multimillion-dollar luxury properties in Orange Country.

Gio Helou is among the top 4 realtors joining the Selling Sunset: Selling The OC and can also be briefly spotted in the recently released sneak peek. Prior to the series premiering, here's everything you need to know about Gio Helou.

Netflix's Selling The OC realtor Gio Helou hails from Newport Beach, California:

According to Gio's bio on The Oppenheim Group website, he lives in Newport Beach with his wife Tiffany. He is a native of Southern California. Three words that can be used to describe Gio would be “Family, competition and luxury”. Apart from selling the best of the Newport Beach lifestyle, the realtor lives it too.

Gio is never one to take the long road personally or professionally. He has a love for retro motorcycles and cars. Prior to getting into the real estate sales game, the Selling Sunset: Selling The OC star had a career in residential development. He also dived into his passion for films and worked on an award-winning documentary as a producer.

The realtor's bio claims he has an unmatched reputation, as he brings local expertise and is a force in the OC luxury real estate.

Gio Helou is 34-years-old:

Born on March 20, 1988, Gio is 34-years-old. According to his LinkedIn profile, Gio started his career in the luxury real estate field when he was just 28-years-old, way back in 2016. He recently made a jump to the Oppenheim Group in 2021 in the month of February.

Gio married his wife Tiffany in 2020. The couple have had their fair share of travel together. According to his social media profile, they recently went on a vacation to Mexico and stayed at the Chileno Bay Resort & Residences. He is someone to be on the lookout for when the series premieres on Netflix.

The Selling Sunset: Selling The OC star has over 3800 followers on Instagram:

If you're someone who is curious in keeping up to date with Gio, then you can follow him on Instagram. His username is @giovannehelou, and has over 3,800 followers currently.

His social media page is filled with luxurious listings from the Oppenheim Group. The realtor also often updates his followers with posts from his personal life. They include days out with his friend, wife and his collection of cool vehicles.

Selling Sunset: Selling The OC will premiere on Netflix on August 24th.

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