Who is Jamie Ferguson? National guardswoman who wore "Trump Girl" t-shirt to Jan 6 Capitol riot pleads guilty to misdemeanor 

National guardswoman Jamie L. Ferguson who wore the "Trump Girl" T-shirt to January 6 Capitol riot, pleads guilty to a misdemeanor (Image via Twitter/LaurieUA)
National guardswoman Jamie L. Ferguson who wore the "Trump Girl" T-shirt to January 6 Capitol riot, pleads guilty to a misdemeanor (Image via Twitter/LaurieUA)

A West Virginia National Guard member, Jamie Ferguson, participated in the January 6 U.S. Capitol Riot sporting a hoodie that read, "Yes, I'm a Trump girl." She became instantly recognizable and was easily tracked and apprehended by authorities. Ferguson entered a misdemeanor plea on Wednesday.

During a conference call with a U.S. magistrate judge in D.C., Jamie Lynn Ferguson, 44, pleaded guilty to parading, protesting, or picketing in a Capitol building. The charge carries a maximum penalty of $5,000 fine and six months in jail.

So…this woman Jamie Ferguson of WV thought it was a good idea to go DC to illegally enter our Capitol. But wait, she’s a member of the WV National Guard and apparently a Q nut. She pled to a minor offense, but I hope she got kicked out of the guard. #CapitolRiot

Jamie Lynn Ferguson, 44, acknowledged on Wednesday that she and several other Donald Trump followers who were upset over Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election entered the Capitol Rotunda.

According to surveillance footage, she was wearing blue pants and a dark hoodie with the phrase "Trump Girl" written across it in bold white all-caps.

Jamie Ferguson attended Donald Trump's "Stop the Steal Rally" and entered the US Capitol

Ferguson and her parents allegedly attended Trump's "Stop the Steal" event from 9:00 to 9:30 am. After the rally, Ferguson's parents went home, and she headed toward the Capitol, thinking she would be able to meet the President, according to the complaint.

A little over 30 minutes after the original break-in, Ferguson finally entered the Capitol through the East Rotunda doors at roughly 2:42 pm.

Before returning to a doorway between the Rotunda and the East Rotunda doors, she confessed that she had been inside the Rotunda for more than 30 minutes. At 3:33, she finally walked out of the building.

West Virginia National Guard member and J6 #insurrectionist Jamie Lynn Ferguson (shirt:"Yes, I'm a Trump girl") pleads guilty to demonstrating at the Capitol. She shared a post calling for a storm of patriots fighting for the republic on Jan 6, 2021. Sentencing set for Nov 18th.

On January 3, 2021, Ferguson posted an article on her Facebook page that featured a photo of a gathering in front of the Capitol with Mount Rushmore and a storm cloud in the background.

A caption in the post read,

"I pray this is exactly what D.C will look like on Jan. 6th. #HoldTheLine."

When asked if she planned to go to Washington that day, Ferguson said yes.

According to the complaint, Jamie Ferguson was suspected of breaking into the Capitol building on January 6 when the Department of the Air Force's Office of Special Investigations forwarded an investigation report to the FBI.

According to the report, Jamie Ferguson was on leave from January 5 to 7, and her destination was listed as Washington, D.C.

A National Guard spokesperson told sources,

"Technical Sgt. Jamie L. Ferguson is a part time, drill status guardsman assigned to the West Virginia Air National Guard. As a matter of policy, the 130th Airlift Wing and the West Virginia National Guard do not comment on pending criminal charges."

Jamie Ferguson, 44, also consented to make a $500 settlement as compensation for damage done to the Capitol. On November 18, judgment was scheduled.

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