Who is Jamie Sayed? Below Deck Down Under bosun is studying to fly helicopters

Jamie Sayed from Below Deck Down Under (Image via Instagram/wakeupwithjamie)
Jamie Sayed from Below Deck Down Under (Image via Instagram/wakeupwithjamie)

With the dashing deck members, Below Deck Down Under is set to premiere on March 17 on Peacock. The upcoming show will have Jamie Sayed, who belongs to the Bosun designation.

Hailing from Gold Coast, Australia, Jamie’s yacht life has taken him to almost every part of the world. However, besides working as a deck member, he also learned to fly a helicopter.

The upcoming show is the newest franchise of Bravo’s Below Deck. With lots of sea drama and vibrant guests, the new batch of crew members will experience clashes, confrontations, and great fun. Amidst all the bustle, MY Thalassa crew members will be providing the best service to their guests on the yacht.

Jamie Sayed of Below Deck Down Under is a 4-year experienced yachty

According to NBCU, in 2017, the Gold Coast boy joined the yachty industry and never looked back. Over the years, Jamie has dedicated his time and effort to become a bosun.

His four years of experience have made him travel to Panama, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Greece. Bosun has led small and large-sized yachts and is trained to work his best regardless of the situation.

The Below Deck Down Under star has a huge fascination with flying helicopters, which has also led him to take lessons. He gets a lot of his motivation from seeing a helicopter take off.

Jamie Sayed also takes on the role of a motivator by handling his blog page Wake Up With Jamie. He organizes podcasts with a different range of people. By interviewing the highs and lows of their lives, Jamie tends to motivate people to take chances and make things happen.

The motivator also shares his lifestyle and some difficult times throughout each episode. He provides ideas to people on how they can quit their jobs and earn more from multiple sources through the online mode.

Jamie enjoys traveling, meeting new people, cooking, hanging out on the beach, and playing golf in his free time.

Below Deck Down Under will also star stews Tumi Mhlongo and Magda Ziomek, along with deckhands Culver Bradbury, Brittini Burton, and Ben Crawley. Moreover, chef Ryan McKeown and Bosun Jamie Sayed will join the crew as newcomers.

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