Who is Jeff Christian from Love Island USA 2022? Fans want the new bombshell to partner up with Zeta

Meet Jeff Christian from Love Island USA Season 4 (Image via jeffchristianjr/Instagram)
Meet Jeff Christian from Love Island USA Season 4 (Image via jeffchristianjr/Instagram)

Two new bombshells entered the villa in the latest episode of Love Island USA Season 4. Bryce Fins and Jeff Christian were welcomed with a big cheer from the show's ladies.

Jeff started to show his interest in Zeta Morrison from the moment he entered the villa. Their steamy kiss in front of the islanders left her former partner Timmy feeling jealous. On the other hand, the girls in the villa, including Bria, were trying to get Jeff's attention, but his focus throughout the July 29 episode was on Zeta.

The upcoming episode will begin with a recoupling round where Jeff will find a partner.

Love Island USA newbie Jeff Christian is an athlete

Jeff Christian is a 25-year-old athlete from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has played football in college at Southern University, Ohio University, and A&M College.

Jeff comes from a bloodline of athletes as his grandfather trained legendary boxers like Muhammad Ali and Aaron Pryor. In a press release, he stated that he has 40 tattoos on his body and desires to get more.

His bio mentioned that Jeff has a celebrity crush, Jorja Smith, an English singer/songwriter. The Love Island USA hunk loves to watch romantic comedy films; his favorite is the 2004 rom-com movie Mean Girls.

He entered the Love Island USA 2022 villa on July 29, 2022, alongside Bryce Fins. He claimed to have found his only on the show and stated that "the guys should be intimidated by me because I'm coming to take their girl."

Fans are rooting for Jeff and Zeta

Love Island USA fans liked the chemistry between Zeta and Jeff in the latest episode. Earlier, Zeta partnered with Timmy until the last recoupling, where Bria picked him. Timmy and Bria started on a good note but left Zeta heartbroken.

In the new episode, she caught Jeff's eyes; since then, they have been flirting with each other. Viewers want Zeta to pick Jeff in the upcoming episode. Take a look at the fans' reactions:

I wish Zeta picks Jeff. Timmy has not being it lately #LoveIslandUSA
I pray Zeta chose Jeff she deserves so much better than what Timmy gave her #LoveIslandUSA
I want zeta to pick Jeff soooo bad. I need this intensity for at least 1 more episode lol #LoveIslandUSA
Zeta…the right choice is Jeff! Leave Timmy out on the street PLS 🙇🏾‍♂️ #LoveIslandUSA
Jeff came for my sis Zeta. Went straight to have that one on one talk 😏 #LoveIslandUSA
zeta definitely choosing jeff #LoveIslandUSA
Jeff came for Zeta, OK?! HE LEAVING WITH SOMETHING. #LoveIslandUSA
Jeff and Zeta damn!!! #LoveIslandUSA
Omg Jeff and zeta ….. that was so damn hot #loveislandusa
I love Jeff and Zeta #loveislandusa

Who was recoupled in the latest episode of Love Island USA?

Love Island USA Season 4 has been giving viewers the much-needed drama from the start. In the recent episode, fans saw Zeta and Jeff sharing steamy kisses more than once. As something seemed to brew between the two, Zeta was also kissing Timmy and saying she missed him.

On the other hand, Timmy shared a kiss with Zeta and Bria on the same day and mentioned to Isaiah that he was confused between the two. While he thought it would be difficult for him to pick a girl, the episode ended with a recoupling round where girls were given a chance to pick their partner.

The latest episode ended on a cliffhanger while the recoupling was going on. So far, Sereniti has picked Chazz after her former partner Tyler was dumped in the last elimination round. Deb chose Jesse, while Sydney returned to Isaiah after Andy broke the couple up in an earlier episode.

The upcoming installment will reveal who will pick Jeff as Bria and Zeta have shown interest in him. In the previous episode, Bria picked Timmy, leaving Zeta in the dumping zone. Luckily, she was saved and grabbed the attention of newcomer Jeff. However, Zeta also has feelings for Timmy, so only time will tell who will be her pick.

Apart from recoupling, the upcoming episode, which will air on July 30, will eliminate one of the male islanders. Love Island USA Season 4 airs a new episode from Tuesday through Sunday at 9.00 PM ET on Peacock TV.

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