Who is Julia Macchio? All about Ralph Macchio's daughter in 'Cobra Kai'

Ralph Machhio's daughter Julia in Cobra Kai (Image via Netflix)
Ralph Machhio's daughter Julia in Cobra Kai (Image via Netflix)

Julia Macchio, Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio's daughter, had a cameo in Cobra Kai. Julia appears in a brief role in season 4's eighth episode titled "Party Time."

Cobra Kai's fourth season, which debuted on Netflix on New Year's eve, featured Macchio's 29-year-old daughter as Daniel LaRusso's cousin Vanessa. The character is also the cousin of Louie LaRusso, who is Daniel's other cousin in the show.


Vanessa LaRusso is portrayed as a grad student who majored in child psychology. In the episode, she helps Daniel and Amanda LaRusso with a psychological revelation about their parental relations with their son Anthony. Vanessa is also referred to as "Marissa Tomei Jr" in the same episode.

What is known about Ralph Macchio's daughter, Julia Macchio?

Julia is the firstborn of actor Ralph Macchio and his nurse-practitioner wife, Phyllis Fierro. The Cobra Kai actress was reportedly born in 1992, while her younger brother Daniel was born in 1996.

Julia is reportedly an actress who started her career in stage shows. In 2012, she debuted in the comedy feature film Girl Most Likely as Lucy. The film also starred SNL star, Kristen Wiig.

Five years after her debut, she appeared in two projects. One was a TV movie titled Wholly Broken. Further, in 2018, Julia also appeared in Stella's Last Weekend alongside the Wolff brothers.

As an actress, Julia Macchio has worked on three projects so far. She also seems to be interested in modeling and dancing, as evidenced by the pictures on her Instagram profile. Julia applied her interest in dancing and performing when she served as the choreographer in 2019's The Rest of My Life.

During her interview with Cobra Kai Kompanion podcast hosts Peter Veunnasack and Brihana Davidson, Julia said:

"I don't know if people know this about me, but I'm a singer, actor, and dancer. I've always loved doing all three."

Julia also disclosed that she started attending dance classes when she was five. The actress also said she had been involved with singing, acting, and performing since she was a toddler.

The 29-year-old actress further revealed:

"Basically, I would act out Disney movies for my family or anyone who was anyone who would watch. So, I (have) had that in me since forever."

With Cobra Kai Season 5 set to be released sometime in 2022, Julia Macchio could be portraying Cousin Vanessa again. In the upcoming seasons of the Netflix series, Vanessa could help repair Anthony's relationship with his parents, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler).

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