Who is Kane Trujillo aka Neumane? All you need to know about the TikTok star Blueface is fighting

TikToker Neumane to go head-to-head with rapper Blueface in boxing event (Image via Instagram)
TikToker Neumane to go head-to-head with rapper Blueface in boxing event (Image via Instagram)

Kane Trujillo, aka Neumane, and rapper Blueface meet in the ring on July 23rd following the influencer boxing trend. However, the two have been ridiculed as their fight was immediately labeled a "joke."

The recent string of celebrity boxing events have drawn wide criticism. Whether it be Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, Aaron Carter vs Lamar Odom, or the entire "YouTubers vs TikTokers" boxing event. Many have called out these celebrities for trying to milk the sport for money.

While boxers typically get paid in millions to fight, many have begun to "jump the bandwagon" given the amount of attention these events get. It's an easy payday for many professional boxers like Mayweather.


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Who is Neumane?

Kane Trujillo, better known as Neumane, is a popular TikTok comedian who has amassed over two million followers on the platform.

The 21-year-old sparked controversy around early May when he was exposed for allegedly stealing content from other TikTokers without credit or consent. He has since "apologized," claiming he was merely an actor, not a writer.

Despite this, fans have continued to slam him on TikTok, causing him to lose many followers. As a result, he is generally considered one of the most hated TikTokers.

But Neumane has once again been pushed into the spotlight after signing up to fight rapper Blueface in a bare-knuckle fight. The two made an appearance at a press conference that took place on June 26th.

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Twitter trolls Neumane and Blueface for getting into the ring

People were shocked by the odd combination of fighters considering Neumane is a widely-hated TikTok comedian and Blueface is a rapper. This became the point of ridicule coupled with the fact that the audience knows neither party is a serious athlete.

Others even went as far as to call out Neumane and Blueface for being the "biggest sellout and clout-chasers in the game."

The fight between Neumane and Blueface is reportedly expected to have low viewership considering fans feel "sick and tired" of celebrities boxing each other for money.

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