Who was Janean Brown and how did she die? Murdered by Morning to revisit gruesome Ohio murder

Still from Murdered By Morning (Image via Oxygen)
Still from Murdered By Morning (Image via Oxygen)

Nearly four decades after the incident, Murdered by Morning will bring into focus the gruesome and violent murder of Janean Brown. The cold-blooded murder that took place in Lucas County, Ohio in 1983 took 30 years to solve. Ahead of the episode's release on June 4, 2022, at 8 pm ET, the preview shows Pam Purdy, Janean's best friend, talking about the events that transpired the night before the murder.

What Happened to Janean Brown is the fifth episode of Oxygen's true crime series Murdered by Morning Season 2. The synopsis for the episode reads:

"It's a night like any other at the local bar in the village of Whitehouse, Ohio, until a kiss sets off a domino effect that turns deadly; investigators sift through patrons only to find their suspect list growing longer by the hour."

Everything you need to know about Janean Brown ahead of the latest episode of Murdered by Morning

Janean Brown (Image via NBC 24 WNWO/YouTube)
Janean Brown (Image via NBC 24 WNWO/YouTube)

Janean Brown was a 19-year-old nurse aide working at a local nursing home in 1983. Adopted and raised by her grandparents, she graduated from Penta County Vocational School in 1982. She was described by her friends as:

"She always had a smile, she always enjoyed life..She was caring, loving, funny, the most giving person ever."

However, Janean was never seen again after the early hours of November 18, 1983. Her body was discovered a day and a half later in a drainage ditch sans her clothes and brutalized to death.

Murdered by Morning Season 2 Episode 5 will explore the events surrounding Janean Brown's murder

The preview for the episode begins with Pam Purdy, Janean's then best friend and roommate, recollecting the arrival of police detectives the day after the body was found. She narrated what she'd told the detectives:

"That night Janean got off early. We decided we were gonna go out and play some pool."

Reportedly, on the night of November 17, 1983, Janean was hanging out at the Copper Lantern bar in Whitehouse with Pam and Harold, Janean's boyfriend. According to Pam, that night in the bar epitomized "our regular, usual Whitehouse people that went to the bar to play pool, nothing out of the ordinary."

Pam recounts that just as Janean and her were leaving the bar, "she [Janean] saw Harold kissing the barmaid." It was this kiss that set off a chain of events that ultimately led to Janean's horrific murder. Pam notes:

"She didn't say anything until we got home and started getting into pajamas, and that's when she said she had to go back up."

How did Janean Brown die?

According to news reports following Janean's murder, she left the house at around 3:30 am to confront her boyfriend, but she never reached her destination. She made a stop at the nursing home where she worked and chatted with a resident. At around 4 am, the resident reported seeing her talking to someone and then leaving in his van.


Her bare body was found in a shallow drainage ditch along Archbold-Whitehouse road, and it was discovered that she had been beaten mercilessly with a belt buckle and r*ped. Her throat had been slit so she was nearly decapitated. According to the coroner's report, it was the lacerated throat that killed her.

The latest episode of Oxygen's Murdered by Morning will revisit the details of the horrifying murder and how it took the police 30 years to arrest the killer. The episode airs on June 4, 2022 at 8 pm ET.

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