Who was Kubra Dogan? Horrifying video of TikTok star falling to death while filming sunset goes viral

TikToker Kubra Dogan falls to her death in Istanbul (Images via TikTok)
TikToker Kubra Dogan falls to her death in Istanbul (Images via TikTok)

23-year-old Turkish TikToker star Kubra Dogan has passed away. Dogan was in the midst of capturing the sunset with her 16-year-old cousin Helen.

The duo allegedly came up with the idea of filming the sunset in Istanbul. Kubra Dogan stood in the frame of the sunset on a roofing sheet, which unfortunately broke, leading to the youngster’s death. The Daily Star reported that Kubra Dogan fell 50 meters deep as the sheet collapsed due to her weight.

Doga was visiting Helen at the latter’s family apartment in an Esenyurt district in the Turkish province.

Kubra Dogan’s family set to sue contractor after Dogan’s death

As Kubra Dogan fell to her death, Helen rushed to inform her family and called emergency paramedics to the scene. Unfortunately, the medics could not save the 23-year-old.

Dogan’s family is set to sue the roofing contractor after the TikToker fell to her death after standing on the roofing sheet. Her uncle, Nebi Dogan, has said:

“There is a big flaw in the contractor there. As soon as the girl puts her foot, it breaks and [she] falls to the ground from the 9th floor.”

The investigation of Kubra Dogan’s death is still in process. Kubra Dogan’s body is awaiting an autopsy report before being handed over to her family.

Several deaths have been recorded as youngsters attempt to record risky videos for TikTok. Users seem to be willing to do anything to rise to fame on the video sharing platform.

A 17-year-old teenager suffocated after being tied to a plastic bag over his head, in 2020. TikTok users have also been met by death while filming dangerous car stunts including “donuts” which led to their vehicles flipping and eventually crashing.

Several TikTok users have found themselves severely injured after attempting dangerous social media challenges.

TikTok has now placed a disclaimer before videos showcasing dangerous stunts.

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