Who is Lea Kyle? All you need to know about the quick-change artist who received a Golden Buzzer on AGT 

Lea Kyle receives Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum in America's Got Talent (image via YouTube)
Lea Kyle receives Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum in America's Got Talent (image via YouTube)
Barsha Roy

Lea Kyle, a talented quick-change artist from France, is the latest contestant to receive a Golden Buzzer on “America’s Got Talent.” The performer also earned a standing ovation from all four judges after delivering a phenomenal quick change act.

Following loud cheers from the audience, Heidi Klum declared Lea Kyle her Golden Buzzer contestant for the season. As the 25-year-old performer bowed down with tears of joy, a shower of golden confetti marked her entry straight to the live shows.

During her act, Kyle magically switched from one outfit to another within a fraction of a second, leaving the judges mesmerized in their seats. Right after the performance, Howie Mandel mentioned:

"We've seen quick change artists on this show, but I've never seen one better than you. To see the outfit fly from the hanger to you, its magic and your presentation is beautiful."

Judge Sofia Vergara added:

“I am so in shock! You were having a great time while you were doing it. That was beautiful.”

Media mogul Simon Cowell complimented:

“I think when we see this kind of act, there’s always two people normally in the act and the music is terrible but this was like very very cool and you have amazing showmanship. It was world-class!”

Finally, Heidi Klum shared that Lea Kyle was doing “real magic” before hitting the Golden Buzzer for the night:

“It loved it too, you were doing real magic. It was absolutely incredible and flawless. You know how much I love fashion, and I feel like we’ve never really had anyone who’s as good as you, so I feel like you should go straight to the live shows.”

Amid loud applause from the audience, Heidi Klum took to the stage to congratulate a very emotional Lea Kyle.

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All about Lea Kyle and her journey to quick change magic

Lea Kyle hails from Bordeaux, France and specializes in quick change magic. She first discovered her passion for magic after meeting her boyfriend and former AGT contestant Florian Sainvet, a professional magician.

In the introduction footage for “America’s Got Talent,” Lea Kyle shared her journey towards the stage:

“I became a beautician, it wasn’t my dream job but it was a way for me to make a living. Eight years ago I met my boyfriend Florian. Last year he was in “America’s Got Talent.” One day Florian asked me to perform with him and it was my first time on stage.”

Following the support from the audience after her first performance, Kyle decided to combine her two passions “performing and fashion” together. Besides magic, she is trained in Haute Couture and did her course from Bordeaux.

Lea Kyle was crowned the French Champion of Magic in 2019. She is also the winner of the General Magic Championship of France, the Audience Award Championship of France and the Villebarou International Magic Festival.

Lea Kyle was honored with Mandrake d’or 2020, considered to be the “Oscar of Magic.” She has previously participated in “France’s Got Incredible Talent” and “Penn and Teller: Fool Us,” among others. She also lifted the winning the trophy at the latter.

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Lea Kyle on winning the Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum

Even before gracing the stage, Lea Kyle mentioned that she was looking forward to impressing Heidi Klum with her performance:

“I’m so excited to meet Heidi Klum because she is a queen of fashion.”

Winning the Golden Buzzer from Klum left Kyle speechless as she immediately broke down into tears:

“It’s amazing! Wow I don’t have words. This is so crazy.”

Lea Kyle has impressed the French audience with her quick-change act several times during her career. With her incredible performance in AGT, she has already taken the first step towards impressing the global audience.

With Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer, Lea Kyle will be joining Jimmie Herrod, Nightbirde, Northwell Nurse Choir, and World Taekwondo for direct live performances.

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