Who is Little Blooming Women? Viral "I Just A Baby" TikTok audio creator's account banned

Jordan is trying to get her account back (Image via @little.blooming.women/Instagram)
Jordan is trying to get her account back (Image via @little.blooming.women/Instagram)

If you are familiar with the TikTok audio, "I just a baby," then you have heard the voices of Jordan Faeh and her daughter, Coco. In the audio, Jordan asks Coco to listen to her, but the kid firmly argues back, reminding her that she was only a baby.

Coco, whose real name is Cosette Louisa, won many hearts with her reply and fiesty attitude, which led to her video going viral on the app. The video garnered over 44 million views in a few weeks.

However, sometime in mid-march, their account was permanently banned by the app. Jordan has requested her viewers and followers to contact the app officials and get the account reinstated.

TikTok banned the account without any warning

The video was first posted on Jordan's TikTok account, @little.blooming.women, showing the mother-daughter duo having a quick banter.

Jordan first said:

“Coco, when Mommy says stop, you say ‘OK.’”

To which Cosette replied:

“I just a baby!”

Jordan further said:

“But you still have to say, ‘OK, Mommy.’”

The clip ended with Cosette saying:

“I just a baby!”

Posted on February 20, it quickly became a trending sound on the app. However, around last week, Jordan made a second account @little.blooming.women2, sharing that her original account was deleted by the app. She explained,

“I recently tried to log into my account, and was notified that TikTok had permanently banned my account without any warning or explanation. And I’m trying to get a hold of them without success yet, and I am just reaching out to you asking for your help.”

She did not know the reason for the ban and requested her fans and followers to help her retrieve her account. Fans have been tagging TikTok in the video's comment section in order to bring back the account.

All about the family of six

Jordan is a 32-year-old mom from Nebraska, USA. She maintains an Instagram account (@little.blooming.women), to document her family and their adventures. The bio on the account reads,

"Midwest mama, homemaker, and home educator (Bloom & Grow Schoolhouse). Fueled by natural light, summer, and really good music (but mostly grace)."

She and her husband have 4 daughters, Coco being the youngest. Her other daughters' names, according to her Instagram account, are Penny, Junie and Maggie. Coco celebrated her second birthday on January 12, 2022.

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