Who is Mara Agrait from ‘The Bachelor’? Entrepreneur travels the world in van

Meet Mara Agrait from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 26 (Image via agreat_mara/Instagram)
Meet Mara Agrait from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 26 (Image via agreat_mara/Instagram)

The Bachelor Season 26 features Mara Agrait, one of Clayton Echard’s suitresses, who is a 32-year-old entrepreneur from Collingswood, New Jersey.

According to her Instagram profile, she runs two companies, SilverSmart Tech for elder people and TENS Promotions LLC that provides event management services.

In addition to being a 'boss woman,' Agrait is also a traveler who enjoys visiting breathtaking destinations in the simplicity of a van. She shares her experience and photos from beautiful locations on her separate Instagram page, “themapquester.”

Its profile bio reads:

“On the Ultimate Adventure with my dog and my van exploring all this land has to offer.”

Check out a few photos of some wonderful locations Agrait has visited:

Three fun facts about Mara Agrait

According to ABC’s bio, Agrait was born in Puerto Rico and migrated to the US with her family when she was young. Her clan includes her parents and younger sister along with their pet Jaxon Rue, her faithful travel companion.

The bio further mentioned a few fun facts about The Bachelor suitress. It reads:

“Mara loves to Salsa dance. Snoring is a deal breaker for Mara. Mara doesn’t eat spicy food.”

The self-proclaimed “life of the party” girl wants to settle down with someone who is equally fun. She is extremely passionate and nurturing and has stated that she is not scared to work hard to find true love.

All about ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2

The premiere of The Bachelor Season 26 was certainly quite interesting, leaving fans yearning for more drama. Episode 2 might fulfill their wishes as it brings this season’s first group and one-on-one dates.

The upcoming episode will also welcome celebrity guests including singer/actress Hilary Duff, comedian Ziwe, and singer Amanda Jordan, who arrive to help Echard find the perfect partner among the 22 remaining women.

As per the official synopsis, the second episode will turn quite dramatic towards the end. The synopsis reads:

“After the dates have all ended, a major storm brews heading into the cocktail party when a shocking secret about a woman who already has a rose is revealed.”

The suitresses to appear in the new episode include Gabby, Lyndsey W., Sarah, Elizabeth, Shanae, Rachel, Genevieve, Marlena, Mara, Serene, Susie, Eliza, Kate, Kira, Hunter, Sierra, Melina, Ency, Jill, Teddi, Cassidy, and Tessa.

The Bachelor Episode 2 will premiere Monday, January 10, at 8.00 pm ET (Eastern Time) on ABC.

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