Who is Melomance? Business Proposal Episode 3 features cameo by duo

Melomance is a two-person band (Image via sbsdrama.official/Instagram)
Melomance is a two-person band (Image via sbsdrama.official/Instagram)

In Episode 3 of Business Proposal, Melomance, a famous K-pop music duo, makes a cameo in a scene-stealing moment. At the point of no return for Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong), the female lead, the duo's moving performance helps put an end to her frustrating feelings towards her longtime friend Min-woo.

For seven years, she was patient, but after seeing him with his on-off girlfriend, Ha-ri realizes that there is no hope in swooning over a man who is ignorant of her feelings towards him.

When does Melomance appear in 'Business Proposal'?

Melomance in real life is a popular act consisting of two members. They debuted in 2015 under Heaven Company, and their first album was titled Sentimental. The two members of the band are vocalist Kim Min-seok and Jeong Dong-hwan on the piano.

In Business Proposal, Min-woo gifts Ha-ri a couple of concert tickets for her favorite band, which happens to be Melomance.

In Episode 3, unforeseen circumstances push the latter to attend the concert with Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-seop). He witnesses Ha-ri breaking down after she hears a message from her friend through one of the artists.

The artist reads a letter from Min-woo in which Ha-ri's friend hopes for her to find a partner, one who would love and cherish her. The message indicates that Min-woo may be aware of Ha-ri's feelings for him, considering how the audience at the concert was able to guess as much from his note.

The fact that Min-woo hopes Ha-ri finds someone else is clearly the breaking point. One that helps her give up on her seven-year-long unreciprocated love. This moment in the show also marks a new beginning for Ha-ri.

Tae-moo finds Ha-ri more intriguing this time around as well. He begins to notice details about her that he doesn't usually, and the signs of this contractual dating turning into a full-blown romance are many.

What song does Melomance perform in 'Business Proposal'?

The song the band performs in Business Proposal is titled Love, Maybe. It is featured as a special number on the original soundtrack list and has since become popular among fans of the tvN show. It is also available to stream on music platforms such as Spotify.

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