Who is Nhut Le? The actor reveals before the Peacemaker role that he was planning to do pottery full time

A still from Peacemaker Season1, streaming on HBO Max (Image Via itsnhutle @Instagram)
A still from Peacemaker Season1, streaming on HBO Max (Image Via itsnhutle @Instagram)

Peacemaker, the James Gunn superhero series, has become a fan-favorite since its release on HBO Max and has already been renewed for Season 2. There are several characters in the series to love, starting from Peacemaker, played by John Cena to Leota Adebayo, portrayed by Danielle Brooks to Vigilante, played by Freddie Stroma and more.

One of the breakout stars of the series was Nhut Le, who portrayed the fierce but hilarious Judomaster. Before getting the opportunity to play the DC role, the actor was well known for being a part of Kroll Show.

Know all about Peacemaker star Nhut Le

What did the actor plan to do before landing on Peacemaker?

The actor recently disclosed that he was ready to quit acting before landing on Peacemaker.

The actor said in an interview with CBR:

"I got started in acting when I was maybe 12 years old,...Growing up in an Asian household, we weren't told to express our emotions freely, so I think when I was doing -- it was a musical, it was a chance for me to express myself, just to feel all sorts of emotions. And I think that's what kept me doing it. ...I went to [an] acting conservatory and then I went up to New York for a bit, and then I moved out to LA.

He further stated:

[...] I started doing improv, or like martial arts and stunts as a way to just get into the industry. After like 10, 11 years of not getting much traction, I was planning to move home back to Philadelphia and do pottery full time."

Nhut Le further said:

"Yeah, and this happened in 2020, so the industry was shut down. So, I'm like, I've been at this for so long, sacrificing so many things and so, I was going to move and then like a week before I get offered Judomaster."

In response to a tweet posted by James Gunn, Nhut Le said:

"When my worlds collide. Right before I booked Judomaster in Peacemaker, I was going to move back home, give up acting, and do pottery full time. A week before my move, I got offered the role. Funny how it always happens like that."

In the month of February 2021, Nhut Le was officially declared the Judomaster in The Suicide Squad spinoff and the actor's first look as the DC character was revealed at the DC FanDome event in the month of October 2021.

Created by Frank McLaughlin and Joe Gill, Hadley "Rip" Jagger, aka Judomaster, is a martial arts master who specializes in boxing and judo.

The character made its debut in 1965 Charlton's Special War Series #4 however, he made the transition to DC Comics at the time of the Crisis on Infinite Earths event series.

On HBO Max's adaptation, Judomaster, played by the actor Nhut Le, functioned as a trustworthy ally to the alien Butterflies, invading the planet.

It is safe to say that fans are eagerly waiting for Season 2 of the James Gunn series since the news of its renewal was announced. Watch Season 1 of Peacemaker, which is currently available on the popular streaming platform HBO Max.

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