Who is Remi Bader? TikTok star is the size consultant for Victoria's Secret as the brand expands swimwear size to XXL

Remi Bader, size consultant for Victoria's Secret (Image via Sportskeeda)
Remi Bader, size consultant for Victoria's Secret (Image via Sportskeeda)

On February 17, 2022, Victoria's Secret PINK announced a new portfolio, with Remi Bader as its latest brand ambassador. Remi Bader is a TikTok star and model. She was tapped by Pink as their year-long brand ambassador and size consultant.

This move furthers Victoria's Secret's attempt to build a new image as a more inclusive brand. The collaboration brings forth a vision of empowering young adults and helping them feel good, both inside and out.

Remi will be providing insight into PINK's customer base and will help in testing products as the brand expands its size offerings. The partnership will begin this week as the brand is launching their first size expansion in swimwear ranging up to XXL size.

Remi took the opportunity to say a few things about the partnership with PINK in a press release via victoriassecretandco. She said,

"What intrigued me so much about this partnership - besides the fact that I grew up wearing PINK - is the brand's openness for my honesty and desire to see change." "PINK has made a lot of strides over the years to be more inclusive and focus on mental health, and I'm really honored to work with the team to help young adults embrace their bodies and be an honest voice for the amazing community I've built."

Chief Executive Officer of Victoria's Secret PINK, Amy Hauk, also expressed her vision behind the brand's hiring of Remi Bader, in a press release via victoriassecretandco. She said,

"We love how Remi uses her platform to push the boundaries and make real change. We're always striving to improve as a brand and ensure our customers feel empowered and confident in our products. We also admire how she's real about all aspects of being an influencer, and how she's been so open about her own mental health journey."

In addition to testing the product and consulting with the brand, Remi will also be a part of the judging panel for the annual PINK with Purpose Project. In this project, 10 young adults will be granted $25,000 to fund their project which supports PINK's value of Purpose, People or Planet.

Who is Remi Bader?

Remi Bader is famous for her realistic clothing haul videos on TikTok. She is a plus-size model and content creator, and is also a celebrated figure in fashion for leading conversations around body representation.

Remi quickly gained success and was recognized by Vogue for having a realistic point of view that resonates with so many, and for being someone whose messaging is on the rise. Cosmopolitan also recognized Remi Bader as "a prominent voice for size inclusion in the fashion industry."

She has over two million followers on TikTok and 300,000 followers on Instagram, where she educates and brings forward her passion for the community of consumers. She addresses famous brands and their size inclusivity in their product offerings and marketing campaigns.

Her most substantial video is of a clothing haul, which has reached over 10 million views. She gives her fans honest and relatable views about the size discrepancies between the brands and their products. She also helps her audience gain confidence and motivates them to find fashionable and trendy styles in clothing without losing comfort.

In November 2021, she hosted a mini-series on her own shoppable peacock called Impulse Try. There series had three parts that focused on beauty and style. It has reached more than 20 million people through various streaming platforms such as E! News and BravoTV.

Victoria's Secret PINK isn't the first brand to approach Remi Bader, she has also collaborated with various other brands such as Saks Off Fifth, Stuart Weitzman, The Real Real, Reformation, Amazon Fashion, Good American, Revolve, Lululemon, Nike, Reebok, Lancome, MAC, LG, EOS, Aerie, Free People, and L'Oreal.

Remi also helps people struggling with eating disorders and uses her platform to advocate for mental health awareness.

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