Who is Roice Bethel? Meet ‘Next Level Chef’ contestant with postcard-perfect Instagram feed

‘Next Level Chef’ contestant Roice Bethel (Image via nextlevelcheffox/ Instagram)
‘Next Level Chef’ contestant Roice Bethel (Image via nextlevelcheffox/ Instagram)
Sushmita Sen

Gordon Ramsay’s Next Level Chef is the newest FOX series that will premiere next year. The cooking competition series will bring 15 home cooks, chef influencers, and private chefs to the show to overcome difficult challenges.

The winner will be titled season one’s Next Level Chef and awarded a $250,000 cash prize. With Ramsay as the judge, the cooking show is not for faint-hearted participants.

One such tough competitor is Roice Bethel. The 29-year-old is a home cook who got famous with his TikTok cooking videos. He describes himself as a food and cooking content creator.

His bio on collabstr (a website for influencers) reads:

“I create videos about food and cooking on my platform. I am a home cook who loves to grill and barbecue and cook just about anything that tastes amazing.”

Roice Bethel is a photographer

Born in Brazil, Bethel grew up and stayed in Corona, California. The 29-year-old is an incredible cook, but he is a photographer by profession.

His Instagram is filled with postcard-perfect pictures, which are just breathtaking. Most of the photos are of underwater, beaches, and his wife.

Bethel married Miriam last year, and they are currently living a happily married life. She, too, seems adventurous, like the Next Level Chef contestant.

Going by his social media profile, Bethel has traveled to a range of places, from Hawaii to Santa Barbara and Kulaniapia Falls. It looks like he has to travel because of his profession as a photographer.

Check out some of his clicks here:

‘Next Level Chef’ contestants and judges

Next Level Chef is all set to premiere its first season on January 2, 2022, on FOX TV.

The official synopsis of the cooking competition show reads:

"NEXT LEVEL CHEF is the next evolution in cooking competitions, as Ramsay has designed a one-of-a-kind culinary gauntlet, set on an iconic stage like you've never seen. Over three stories high, each floor contains a stunningly different kitchen. From the glistening top floor to the challenging bottom of the basement, the ingredients will match the environment, because Ramsay believes the true test of great chefs is not only what they can do in the best of circumstances, but what kind of magic they can create in the worst!”

Next Level Chef will consist of 15 contestants, including Bethel, Ae Southammavong, Amber Rebold, Angie Ragan, Courtney Brown, Devonnie Black, Jonathan Harrison, Mariah Scott, Kenny Everett, Reuel Vincent, Sergio Steele, Zachary Adams, Gary Marandola, Stephanie “Pyet” Despain, and Tricia Wang.

They will be mentored by three top-grade chefs — Ramsay, Richard Blais, and Nyesha Arrington.

Edited by Srijan Sen

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