Who is Rudy Francisco on 'The Bachelorette'? Here's why spoken word poet will star in Michelle Young's show

Michelle Young and Rudy Francisco on 'The Bachelorette' (Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC)
Michelle Young and Rudy Francisco on 'The Bachelorette' (Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC)

Since The Bachelorette Season 18 began, the drama quotient has been rising with each episode. While the last two episodes were about group dates, one-on-one dates, and shocking revelations, the upcoming episode will welcome guest star Rudy Francisco.

This season, The Bachelorette is led by the gorgeous fifth-grade teacher and former basketball player Michelle Young. She is here to find her soulmate whom she can trust and respect.

Francisco, a spoken word poet, will appear in episode 3 to help Young through her selection process for the perfect partner.

For those unaware about spoken word poetry, here's an explanation:

"Spoken word is a type of poetry that is geared to be performed on stage for an audience rather than merely exist in print somewhere for others to read. It's poetry that is meant to be shared."

A little bit about Rudy Francisco

The 21-year-old California native is a renowned spoken word poet. With his talent, Rudy Francisco seeks to expose the world, especially youth, to his chosen genre of poetry. He creates poems that follow social change, healthy dialogue, and discourse.

His bio describes him as:

"As an artist, Rudy Francisco is an amalgamation of social critique, introspection, honesty, and humor. He uses personal narratives to discuss the politics of race, class, gender, and religion while simultaneously pinpointing and reinforcing the interconnected nature of human existence."

At this young age, Francisco has achieved many milestones. Apart from conducting guest lectures at multiple universities, the award-winning spoken word poet has shown his poetry skills on several platforms.

He has even shared stages with popular artists like Musiq Soul Child, Jordin Sparks, Gladys Knight, and Jill Scott.

Here's why Francisco will star on The Bachelorette

Michelle Young invited Rudy Francisco on The Bachelorette episode 3 to encourage the men to write their feelings towards her in the form of poems. He will encourage and help them to express their emotions through poetry.

On The Bachelorette, Francisco said:

"The cornerstone of a healthy relationship is how well you can communicate. I want to challenge you all to write your own poems. This is a great opportunity to really get vulnerable with this."

This is something the bachelors will be doing out of their comfort zones. Will they be able to impress Young? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, The Bachelorette Season 18 premieres every Tuesday at 8.00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on ABC.

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