Who is Somy Ali? All about abuse survivor ahead of Discovery + documentary Fight or Flight 

Somy Ali to star in her documentary Fight or Flight (Image via realsomyali/@Twitter)
Somy Ali to star in her documentary Fight or Flight (Image via realsomyali/@Twitter)

Discovery Plus is coming up with Somy Ali's new documentary titled Fight or Flight, which will shed light on the actress turned activist's life and work while highlighting the atrocities of abuse and details of the trauma that victims of trafficking and abuse face.

Somy Ali is an actress who took to activism after being associated with Bollywood for a long time. For nearly two decades the Bollywood actress has worked closely with survivors of abuse and rescued thousands of men, women, and children from domestic violence and sex trafficking. She carries out her activism in association with her progressive nonprofit organization No More Tears.

Ali is herself a survivor of s*xual abuse, domestic violence, and rape in her teenage years. To combat these social atrocities, she established her non-profit organization in 2007 with one goal in mind: i.e., to rescue and empower all victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Her organization carries out valuable work by providing direct and immediate support to victims and has helped more than 30,000 men, women, and children since its inception.

For her valuable work towards the community, Somy was honored with the American Heritage Award from the American Immigration Council in 2011. She has also been a recipient of other accolades like The Daily Point of Light Award by President George H. W. Bush in 2015, and The National Domestic Violence Month 'A Proclamation' by President Barack Obama."

More about the activist ahead of her upcoming docuseries Fight or Flight

Somy Ali is a Karachi born actress. Originally from Pakistan, Ali moved to the United States for future education and later in 1991, inspired by her teenage crush on Bollywood actor, Salman Khan, she moved to Mumbai to be a part of the Bollywood film industry. Ali was only 16 when she moved. During her time in the industry, she appeared in 10 Hindi films in leading roles alongside popular Bollywood actors.


Somy Ali's documentary Fight or Flight follows Ali's own work as a social activist and offers space to victims of abuse as they share their trauma and strive to escape their situations, as well as obtain legal, medical, and educational help which will assist them to reconstruct their lives and attain the independence they deserve. Ali works closely with such individuals and her organization aims to assist such victims through tough times, helping them seek rehabilitation.

Jason Sarlanis, president of crime and investigative content, linear and streaming, commented on the documentary stating,

"Having our cameras capture the painfully important and intense work that Somy does is an incredible honor, hopefully empowering many victims of abuse and trafficking to realize that they do not need to suffer in silence. Somy’s mission is driven by her personal passion and unparalleled devotion to turning victims into survivors. With instances of domestic abuse unfortunately skyrocketing during the pandemic it’s more critical than ever that we bring much-needed attention to this issue."

Produced by Cineflix Productions for Discovery Plus, with J.C. Mills, David Casey, and Diana Nolan as Executive Producers, the first three episodes of Fight or Flight will premiere Thursday, May 26, 2022, on Discovery Plus. The remaining three episodes will be released weekly.

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