Who is Spencer from Illinois? The Bachelorette contestant doesn't consider himself to be a "textbook romantic"

Spencer from Bachelorette Season 19 (Image via ABC)
Spencer from Bachelorette Season 19 (Image via ABC)

ABC's The Bachelorette is all set to return for another new season in 2022, bringing in two leads this time, who will serve as co-leads for the first time in the game show's history. To complement the two beauties, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, there will be 32 hunks on the other side, trying to win their hearts in an edge-to-edge competition to find true love.

Among the 32 confirmed contestants, Spencer is one of the more intriguing additions. The 27-year-old Venture Capitalist from Chicago already has fans asking questions.

This season of The Bachelorette will start airing on July 11, 2022. Ahead of the season's premiere, here are some facts about Spencer, who looks to solidify his grip on the reality show from the very start.

The Bachelorette Season 19: All about Spencer

Spencer is a 27-year-old venture capitalist from Chicago, Illinois. The relentless personality describes himself as a "man of service who is committed to finding something significant" in his bio for The Bachelorette.

Spencer is one of the more uncommon kinds in this type of competition. He describes himself as "not a textbook romantic." Though that might sound a little offbeat, the young man does promise that he is a great partner and has some serious tricks up his sleeve.

The handsome man gets a lot of compliments on his eyebrows and relishes seeing the Detroit Lions win. He also stated that he is not the typical kind of guy in his bio. His bio from ABC's The Bachelorette reads:

"Spencer is a man of service who is committed to finding something significant. He says that he doesn’t consider himself a textbook romantic because he doesn’t like to idealize things, but please don’t hold that against him because he promises he is a great partner who finds thoughtful ways to make his significant other feel special. Spencer’s ideal woman is active, outdoorsy and adventurous. She also must have a great sense of humor and a great laugh to match. Spencer says he is not your stereotypical “let’s grab a drink” kind of guy, so hope Gabby and Rachel are ready for the fun that he is ready to serve."

A man of taste, Spencer has been very vocal about how he thinks EDM music is ridiculous. Gabby and Rachel will surely have a great time with this young man as he appears on the show in its latest edition.

More about The Bachelorette Season 19

The Bachelorette is one of the most popular reality shows on the ABC network and is a direct spinoff of another ABC special, The Bachelor. The show has been on air since 2003.

Going on its 19th season, this particular edition of the show is special as it features two women as co-leads for the first time in the history of the show. It is also only the third season to feature two women as leads. Recchia is a flight trainer and Windey is an ICU nurse. Both were co-runners-up on the previous season of The Bachelor.

The first episode of The Bachelorette will premiere on July 11, 2022, with 32 men fighting to win the hearts of these two beauties. Stay tuned for more updates.

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