Who is stalking Anna in General Hospital? Mystery stalker finally revealed

A still from General Hospital (Image Via General Hospital/Twitter)
A still from General Hospital (Image Via General Hospital/Twitter)

General Hospital, the long-running soap opera, made its return with a brand new episode exclusively on ABC, on Tuesday, September 19, 2023. Without a shred of doubt, followers of the show have been eagerly waiting to see how the new episode unfolds, especially to learn who is stalking Anna, played by Finola Hudges.

Over the last few episodes, several events in General Hospital indicated that Anna's character is in grave danger as someone is ruthlessly stalking her and also attempting to severely hurt her.

In the latest episode, it has been finally revealed that Anna is getting stalked by none other than Charlotte Cassadine, portrayed by Scarlett Fernandez.

Charlotte is caught by Nina and Valentin in the new episode of General Hospital

In the latest episode of the ABC soap opera, General Hospital, Nina, played by Cynthia Watros, and Valentin, portrayed by James Patrick Stuart, go on to discover that Charlotte is trying to break into Valentin and Anna's room just right after Charlotte pays a visit to none other than Anna.

After witnessing what Charlotte is capable of and also the way she was ransacking Valentin and Anna's room on the footage of the Metro Court security, both Nina and Valentin become extremely terrified.

When Anna calls Valentin to inform him that Charlotte is in their room, he goes on to ask Nina not to speak about the incident and what she saw in the footage, to anyone else.

When the police finally arrive to take a report from Anna about the break-in in her room, Valentin looks like he is about to freak out, but quickly calms himself. The police then give their initial report, which says that the horrifying incident is related to the terrible fire that took place at Anna’s house. However, Anna remains in doubt regarding who her actual stalker is.

Thereafter, Anna approaches Valentin to ask him if he has already seen the footage of the security video. At that moment, Valentin spontaneously lies and tells her that the video security footage from their floor has gone missing.

Later, Nina is seen watching the footage another time, and this time, the audience finally sees Charlotte forcefully breaking into their room.

Nina then calls out Charlotte by saying, “Charlotte, what have you done?”

Charlotte is the daughter of Lulu Spencer and Valentin who was born with the help of the IVF process and Claudette Beaulieu carried her. She is the half-sister of Rocco Falconeri, played by Finn Carr.

She is also the only granddaughter of the iconic super couple Laura Webber and Luke Spencer and their most pivotal nemesis, the late Victor Cassadine and the late Helena Cassadine.

Charlotte's current behavior is the effect of the instability she has faced throughout her life till now. Thus, the situations in her life have left her quite vulnerable and unstable, leading her to take part in such a criminal activity.

Don't forget to catch the new episode of General Hospital, which is currently streaming on Hulu along with all previous episodes.

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