Who will end up with Mikasa in Attack on Titan?

Who will end up with Mikasa in Attack on Titan? (Image via MAPPA)
Who will end up with Mikasa in Attack on Titan? (Image via MAPPA)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the last few chapters of Attack on Titan manga.

The Attack on Titan fanbase loves Mikasa Ackerman for her bravery, strength, and sheer skill when it comes to slaying Titans. Fans who have read the manga, have had debates and discussions with respect to a certain event that involves Mikasa.

While Mikasa mentions that Jean will ask her to marry him, she clearly says that she doesn’t have an answer yet. Attack on Titan fans continue to speculate, and a good number in the community believe that she marries Jean.

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Who does Mikasa marry in Attack on Titan?

Those who have read the Attack on Titan manga or watched the anime adaptation will know that Mikasa always had a soft spot for Eren Yeager. Ever since she was a kid, Eren was a dear friend to her. Later throughout the show, fans witnessed Mikasa develop feelings for Eren.

Eren Yeager decides to obliterate the entire human race and activates the rumbling. The Alliance, of which Mikasa Ackerman is a part, decides to take on Eren and kill him before he achieves his goal. It leads to Mikasa having to cut Eren’s head off, and her sadness is unparalleled. It’s not easy for someone to kill the one person they truly love and cherish. She proceeds to kiss him as she holds his severed head.

Eren reveals his true feelings towards Mikasa. Mikasa sits under the tree where the two played as children. She mentions that Jean might ask her to marry her and that she hasn’t made up her mind.

While the majority of the community believes that she would go on to marry Jean, she still loves Eren and will continue to do so till her last breath. It is only natural that a person would want to move on, especially after going through absolute hell for years.

It is important to note that the manga does not specify if Mikasa goes on to marry Jean. This is speculation based on discussions held by members of the Attack on Titan community.

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular manga and anime series of our generation. Hajime Isayama has created these characters in such a way that they are multidimensional and complex, which makes the show extremely interesting.

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