Who will John C Reilly surprise in Celebrity IOU's next episode? All about the log cabin renovation

John C. Reilly surprises his best friend Johnny on Celebrity IOU (Image via HGTV)
John C. Reilly surprises his best friend Johnny on Celebrity IOU (Image via HGTV)

John C. Reilly had a big surprise in store for his best friend on the new episode of Celebrity IOU. The 56-year-old actor teamed up with Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott to help renovate a log cabin for Johnny, his friend of 20 years.

HGTV's famous home renovation series Celebrity IOU features the brothers help celebrities like Tiffany Haddish, Howie Mandel, Ali Wong, and more surprise their dear family and friends with a stunning home makeover.

Like all previous seasons, this one will have some jaw-dropping renovations to make lives more accessible and more effective for people.

How did the Celebrity IOU brothers help John C Reilly renovate his friend's cabin?

John C. Reilly first connected with his best friend Johnny, the owner of a famous junkyard called Funky Junk Farms, over the latter's love of everything vintage, and since then, there has been no looking back for the two, who have been best friends for 20 years now.

Speaking about the same, the actor and comedian said:

"We were lucky enough that we connected right away like brothers — like brothers from another mother. We love the same things and he's a collector."

He said that his best friend Johnny, his driver, is the type of person anyone can depend on. He confessed that the duo had spent so much time together that they had depended on each other. This is why the Celebrity IOU brothers wanted to surprise him with a complete renovation of his dilapidated log cabin at Funky Junk Farms.

Reilly, Drew, and Jonathan started joking around about which brother the star should help in an exclusive clip shared by the television network. The comedian struggled to tell the identical twins apart and said:

"One of my kids was in school with identical twins. I would never say their names because I was just so afraid to get it wrong."

While they had some fun distracting the star with some twin shenanigans, the ultimate renovation was visibly heartwarming for Johnny. The first thing he said was:

"Oh my God. I can't believe it."

The Celebrity IOU stars transformed the 100-year-old cabin into a modern and well-lit space, fully preserving its original rusty vibe and giving it a contemporary look so that Johnny could reminisce about the time spent there and not lose his precious memories.

During the reveal, Reilly shared how grateful he is to have a friend like Johnny and said:

"John, you mean to me what's good about the world. This is a way to honor what we see in each other."

The stars breathed "new life and funky flair into the rundown property on the junkyard lot." Reilly revealed to HGTV about the bond he shared with his best friend and said:

“Johnny lives in a place of gratitude and he’s always optimistic. That’s a real blessing to have somebody like that in your life. He’s given me a lot and it’s hard to quantify. What keeps me excited about wanting to do this project is that I’m giving it to a friend. That is a gift.”

Celebrity IOU features guest stars who are Hollywood A-listers picking up the tools along with the hosts to change a friend or a family member's life by giving them the homes or spaces they care about, a modern renovation. Drew and Jonathan Scott continues to inspire and entertain fans as they take them along on this emotional and heartwarming journey.

HGTV's Celebrity IOU is produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment, with Drew and Jonathan as executive producers.

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