Who is William Moon? FDNY firefighter honored with bunting ceremony after suffering fatal head injury 

FDNY firefighter, William Moon honored with bunting ceremony after suffering fatal head injury. (Image via Lloyd Mitchell/ Twitter)
FDNY firefighter, William Moon suffered a fatal head injury. (Image via Lloyd Mitchell/Twitter)

The New York City Fire Department honored William Moon on Sunday, December 18, 2022, with a ceremony at his firehouse in Brownsville. The FDNY firefighter suffered a fatal injury last week after a drill. His family later decided to take him off life support and donated his organs.

Fellow firefighters paid tribute to William Moon with a bunting ceremony, which is an FDNY tradition that is followed by fellow firefighters when someone in the department passes away. The tribute was also attended by William’s family.

The 47-year-old Moon had 21 years of experience and worked at Rescue Company 2, a higher-level unit, for less than a year.

William Moon suffered a fatal head injury after falling from a 20 feet elevated surface

William Moon, who worked with Rescue Company 2, the department that recruits the best firefighters from the department, earlier worked at Ladder Company 133 in Queens. Apart from serving in the department for over 20 years, the firefighter was also a volunteer in his hometown of Islip, Long Island.

After falling from a height of 20 feet, William suffered fatal head injuries. He was on life support until the family decided to take him off it. He is survived by his wife, Kristina, and their two kids, Bri and Collin.

Kristina later released a statement that said:

"Loving Billy was not only a marriage of families, but a marriage to the fire department. His love and passion for the job extended far from the firehouse walls. He instilled that same passion in our children and always talked about how important it was to help others. We are eternally grateful for the Christmas miracles that Billy will now be able to give to others."

After falling from a massive height at his Brooklyn firehouse, William Moon was taken to Kings County Hospital in critical condition. Rescue 2 Captain William Flaherty later spoke to CBS New York about the disturbing incident and said:

"If you're having the worst day of your life, you would want Billy Moon riding on that fire truck over there.”

Furthermore, the Captain talked about William Moon and continued:

"They don't get assigned here. They come over here on a tryout. And Billy, he had some really difficult fires when he got here, some real tough rescues. And he performed amazing."

The department also held a joint conference, where the Captain stated:

"This is a heartbreaking loss for New York’s Bravest, and for our entire city. Firefighter Moon was a dedicated public servant, who spent more than two decades saving the lives of New Yorkers and will continue to do so in his passing. We join the entire fire department and every New Yorker in mourning his loss, and pray for Firefighter Moon, his family, and his friends."

Describing William Moon to be a “selfless warrior,” the department also applauded the family’s decision to donate the firefighter's organs, as it marks how even after death, William is saving many lives. Doctors claimed that his organs could be used to save the lives of eight patients.

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