Who won America's Got Talent Season 16? Dustin Tavella's skills as a magician questioned

Dustin Tavella on America's Got Talent Season 16 (Image via YouTube/AGT)
Dustin Tavella on America's Got Talent Season 16 (Image via YouTube/AGT)

America's Got Talent 2021 finds its winner in Dustin Tavella. While judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara seemed to agree on the final results, fans have severely criticized it.

More than a handful of keyboard warriors lashed out at the show and those who voted for the contestants. Dustin Tavella was trashed, and his skills as a magician were questioned. He was immediately compared to ex-AGT winner Shin Lim.

Dustin Tavella's magic is "overdone," say fans

Dustin Tavella was easily one of the contenders for the title. He breezed through both the live auditions and semifinals. But giving him a tough fight all along was Aiden Bryant, the teen aerialist who left everyone surprised with his jaw-dropping acts throughout the season.

Fans have pointed out that Aiden deserved to win and was "robbed" of the top spot in the AGT finals.

How did Aiden Bryant not win?! What the heck. Justin Tavella was so fake and awful… #agt This was so rigged, there is no way. 🤬🤬🤬🤬
#AGTResults #AGThow original..a magician America? Yeah he was inspiring last night but I'm TIRED OF MAGICIANS winning big on this show😡Aiden was the BEST and deserved that when did an aerials ever win b4? Very unhappy with the results
.@SimonCowell #AGT omg! Dustin is talented, but he’s BORING!! Please tell him he needs to speed up his act!I’m very disappointed that Aiden did not come out on top. I hope Aiden, Lea, and Josh get a chance to perform and make great livings❤️
@8BitRickk @AGT His magic is elementary and painfully overdone and his storytelling and inspirational ability is pitiful compared to last year’a winner
@AGT $1 million for talking about family lol what a joke 🤣🤣
@JordanGreif @AGT Yeah and that trick is “that day I adopted two children blah blah I’m such a hero and inspiration. Throw in a few quotes from the knock off chicken soup for the soul book you get from the dollar store” wow so amazing. MAGICIAN? Where are the tricks? Shim Lin is a magician
@AGT how is this a las vegas act? should I bring my own paper or pen to write down randoms on the cards I'll have to throw at that stage... 🙄 #wrongchoice
#AGT he must have used magic to win by changing the actual votes
TBH - dis is d worst season of #AGT in a while.Judges put thru mediocre acts & sent home great acts. Same 4 America who sent acts like dance kids, 1Achord home.Dustin is good but he shldnt av won over Aidan. Dont even remember him doing magic last nite in finale 🙄 #AGTFinale
Dustin winning is a shame and horrible to insanely skilled magicians like Shin Lim who won and deserved it! #AGT
Listen, I loved Dustin. He’s good at what he does and his story is heart-warming. But is he anywhere near the league of Shin Lim, who’s win was extremely deserved? Not even close in my mind. #AGT
Dustin Travella is one of the worst magic acts to come on AGT. How did he win? His stage presence is horrible and he is not memorable. Shin Lim, The Clairvoyants, Matt Franco, hell even Piff. That’s the standard. Dustin can’t meet that level of talent #agt

Who is Dustin Tavella and what's his net worth?

Dustin Tavella is no stranger to the spotlight. Several years ago, when his first single Everybody Knows went viral, he found a fan in Selena Gomez who later appeared in the official video of the same track.

Having composed and released music, he realized he could net more by blending magic into it. This was when the concept of Here Comes Trouble was developed. Here Comes Trouble is Dustin Tavella's own show, through which he combines live comedy, music, and magic.

The magician has been at this game long enough to have amassed impressive wealth. According to the Daily News Catcher, he has a net worth of $6,00,000 which is set to spike after his AGT win.

Will there be an AGT Season 17?

Yes. America's Got Talent will return next year. The producers have already shared the steps to audition for Season 17. The release date has not been scheduled yet and there's little information about the judges. However, Simon Cowell is sure to return.

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