Who won Jeopardy! tonight? April 12, 2023, Wednesday

3 players compete against each other to win Jeopardy! (Image via jeopardy.com)
3 players compete against each other to win Jeopardy! (Image via jeopardy.com)

A new episode of Jeopardy! aired on KABC-TV on Wednesday, April 12. The episode featured three players competing against each other to win three rounds of the show. Each contestant had to answer some knowledge-based questions to earn the maximum amount of money and reach the final round.

Kat Jepson returned on Jeopardy! as the current one-day winner with total earnings of $20,399. She is an artist from Virginia Beach and beat two competitors in the previous episode by a huge margin.

The new players were Laura Caton, a nonprofit arts administrator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Ben Chan, a philosophy professor from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Today’s Jeopardy! winner is Ben Chan

Ben Chan led the game in the first two rounds and was able to beat the other two players despite answering the last question incorrectly. Kat failed to defend her title and was eliminated from the show.

The categories for the first round were Historic Canada, How Are You Feeling?, Say The Roman Numeral, Dining Out, Doggie Bag, and Leftovers. Ben failed to answer the Daily Double question worth $7,000, but still led the round with the maximum correct answers.

In total, Ben gave 19 correct and three incorrect answers. Kat gave four correct answers and Laura gave two correct answers, with one incorrect response.

The scores after the first Jeopardy! round were Ben at $2,400, Kat at $1,000, and Laura at $400.

The categories for the Double Jeopardy! round were One-Word Play Titles, Lost With The Titanic, Acting The Oscar-Winning Part, In The Dictionary, Our Nation Of Immigration, and This Land Is “Ur” Land.

Laura was able to give some correct answers before Ben took over the round once again and got both the daily doubles. He needed to get the final answer right to reach the final round, which he did.

Laura gave nine correct and one incorrect answer. Ben answered 30 questions correctly against just three incorrect ones. Meanwhile, Kat gave 10 correct and three incorrect responses.

The scores before going into the final were Ben at $17,000, Laura at $8,000, and Kat at $5,400.

Only Kat was able to get the final question correct, doubling her earnings. However, with such a huge lead, Ben was still able to win the episode as he had bet only a small amount of money on his answer.

Hence, Ben Chan won Jeopardy! today.

Ben Chan: Tonight's winner (Image via Jeopardy.com)
Ben Chan: Tonight's winner (Image via Jeopardy.com)

Final Jeopardy! results today

The category for the final question in the Jeopardy! March 12 episode was The Bill of Rights and the clue was:

"England’s “Bloody Assizes” & a 1685 life sentence for perjury were 2 main origins of this amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

The correct answer to the question was:

“What is the Eighth Amendment?”

Ben bet $999 against the 7th Amendment while Laura wagered away $2,801 of her prize money for her response - 4th Amendment. Both of them got it wrong, while Kat guessed the answer correctly, earning $5,400 in the round.

The final results of the episode were:

Ben Chan: $17,000 – $999 = $16,001 (What is the 7th Amendment?) (1-day total: $16,001)

Laura Caton: $8,000 – $2,801 = $5,199 (What is the Fourth Amendment?)

Kat Jepson: $5,400 + $5,400 = $10,800 (What is the 8th Amendment?)

Ben Chan won the episode by a huge margin and will have to play against new players in the upcoming episodes to keep his title. He might also reach the Tournament of Champions if he keeps up his winning streak.

Ben will play against Peter Early and Liz Jensen in the next episode of Jeopardy!, which airs on Thursday, April 13.

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