Who won Jeopardy! tonight? June 12, 2023, Monday

3 players try to win Jeopardy! (Image via jeopardy.com)
3 players try to win Jeopardy! (Image via jeopardy.com)

Jeopardy! game 196 aired on KABC-TV on Monday, June 12, at 7 pm ET. The episode featured four day-winner Suresh Krishnan, who is a networking engineer from Suwanee, Georgia, return to the show to defend his title against new players. So far, he had won $53,999 by defeating eight challengers.

The other players of the game were Marilyn Singer, a children’s book author from Brooklyn, New York, and Michael Vallely, a data analyst from Somerville, Massachusetts.

The three competitors had to answer many tough knowledge-based questions to earn score and money.

The synopsis of the show reads:

"A quiz competition in which contestants are presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers and must phrase their responses in the form of questions."

Today’s Jeopardy! winner is Suresh Krishnan

Despite not being in the lead during the initial rounds, Suresh took over the game by doubling his entire score at the last moment. Michael got defeated by a very small margin in the last round.

The categories of the first round were Pop Songs, Tropic Of Capricorn Nations, Narrator Of The Novel, Core Values, 5-Letter Words and Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard.

The round featured an intense competition between Suresh and Michael, with the former even making a $5 bet on daily double. In total, Michael gave 11 correct answers while Suresh answered 10 questions correctly, with two wrong responses each. Meanwhile, Marilyn answered five questions correctly and four incorrectly.

The score after the round was Michael at $5600, Suresh at $5,395, and Marilyn at $0.

The categories under Double Jeopardy! round were The War Of 1812, Like A Statue, Health & Medicine, Color My World, Hang Up Your Tv Reboots, and “Ax” Marks The Spot.

Michael doubled his score in this round by using a daily double. Suresh tried his best to defeat Michael but ended up with only 50% of his score.

In total, Michael answered 23 questions correctly while Suresh gave 19 correct responses, with two right answers each. Marilyn gave nine right and five wrong answers.

The score after the Double Jeopardy! round was Michael at $26,400, Suresh at $14,195, and Marilyn at $4400.

Suresh was the only player who knew the final answer and doubled his score using the same, earning $28,195 in total.

Hence, Suresh Krishnan won Jeopardy! today.

Suresh Krishnan: Tonight's winner (Image via jeopardy.com)
Suresh Krishnan: Tonight's winner (Image via jeopardy.com)

Final Jeopardy! results today

The category for the final question of game 196 was Women in Mythology. The final clue read:

The name of this woman, the product of an incestuous union, means “against birth.”

The correct response was “What is Antigone?” and Suresh earned $14,000 with the same.

Marilyn lost $1000, with the answer Niobe, and Michael gave the wrong response of Uncle Steve after betting $2000.

The final score of the game was:

Suresh Krishnan: $14,195 + $14,000 = $28,195 (Who Antigone?) (5-day total: $82,194)

Michael Vallely: $26,400 – $2,000 = $24,400 (Who is Uncle Steve?)

Marilyn Singer: $4,400 – $1,000 = $3,400 (Who is Niobe?)

After winning five games, Suresh has successfully qualified for the Tournament of Champions. He will still return in the upcoming games to defeat more challengers and possibly even join the Masters!

Suresh will play against Joe Seibert and Laura Blyler Scanland in the next game of Jeopardy!, which airs on Tuesday, June 13.

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