Who won Jeopardy! tonight? June 28, 2023, Wednesday

3 players try to win Jeopardy! (Image via jeopardy.com)
3 players try to win Jeopardy! (Image via jeopardy.com)

Jeopardy! returned on KABC-TV with a brand new episode and new challengers. Chris Ban, an oral & facial surgeon from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, tried to defend his title as the one-day winner by outscoring the other competitors. He earned $13,000 in his previous game.

Chris’ challengers were Vic Goel, a lawyer from Vienna, Virginia, and Bryan White, a senior regulatory compliance analyst originally from Santa Maria, California. The players were supposed to answer the maximum number of questions to earn money and score.

Today’s Jeopardy! winner is Bryan White

Bryan led all the rounds and managed to find all the daily doubles to emerge victorious. Meanwhile, Chris was hardly able to replicate his performance from the previous episode.

The categories under the first round were Get Koala-Fied, The Name Of The Dame, Pledge Of Allegiance Words, Google Easter Eggs, Open Door and Policy.

Bryan got off to an amazing start, answering eight questions correctly in the opening segment, and even though he gave some wrong answers later on, he was able to lead the round.

Chris failed to get the daily double money prize due to a wrong answer. In total, Brayn gave 15 right and three wrong answers. Chris answered four questions correctly and one incorrectly while Vic gave four right answers against three wrong ones.

The score after the round was Bryan at $6600, Chris at $1200, and Vic at $600.

The categories under the Double Jeopardy! round were Geography “B”, Plays & Playwrights, Constantinople, Random Access Memories, Animated Movie Characters, and Prefixes.

Bryan found both the daily doubles in the round but was able to answer only one. Chris and Vic could barely give any response in front of him and failed to get over nine right responses.

In total, Bryan gave 26 correct and four incorrect answers. Chris answered nine questions correctly and one incorrectly, while Vic gave nine correct and three incorrect responses.

The score after the Double Jeopardy! round was Bryan at $18,400, Chris at $4800, and Vic at $4200.

Everyone got the final answer and Bryan led the round even though he bet the least, scoring $20,130 in total.

Hence, Bryan White won Jeopardy! today.

Bryan White: Today's winner (Image via jeopardy.com)
Bryan White: Today's winner (Image via jeopardy.com)

Final Jeopardy! results today

The final question of Jeopardy! game 208 was under the category The Medical World. The statement read:

"He created a chest drain valve that aided breathing in wounded soldiers in Vietnam but is better known for a lifesaving measure."

The correct answer was “Who is Henry Heimlich?” and everyone knew it. Vic earned $4000 in the round while Chris earned $3750.

Bryan wagered away just $1730 out of his earnings and still managed to lead the round.

The total score of the game after all three rounds was:

Bryan White: $18,400 + $1,730 = $20,130 (Who is Heimlich?) (1-day total: $20,130)

Chris Ban: $4,800 + $3,750 = $8,550 (Who is Heimlich?)

Vic Goel: $4,200 + $4,000 = $8,200 (Who is Heimlich? Hi Mom!)

As the new winner, White will have to defend his title against new players to successfully reach the Tournament of Champions after four more games.

Chris will play against Alicia Korenman and Tenysa Santiago in the next game of Jeopardy!, which airs on KABC-TV on Thursday, June 29.

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