Who won MasterChef Legends Season 11? FOX show accused of playing favorites

Autumn Moretti, Suu Khin, and Kelsey Murphy from MasterChef Legends Season 11 (Image via Instagram/ kelseylmurphy)
Autumn Moretti, Suu Khin, and Kelsey Murphy from MasterChef Legends Season 11 (Image via Instagram/ kelseylmurphy)
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Warning: Spoilers ahead for MasterChef Legends Season 11

MasterChef Legends went hard on its Season 11 finalists Suu Khin, Autumn Moretti, and Kelsey Murphy. After a grueling session of intense cooking, the judges announced Kelsey as the winner. She took home $250,000, a top-notch Viking kitchen and kitchen tools and bakeware products from OXO.

MasterChef Legends Season 11 came to an epic close. Even though Kelsey emerged victorious, Autumn and Suu gave her a tough fight. The journey to the top was not easy as they were tasked to create a four-course meal for Gordon Ramsay, Ar贸n S谩nchez, and Joe Bastianich, as well as guest judge Curtis Stone.

While most seem to appreciate Kelsey's talent and the fact that she won the title of MasterChef Legends fair and square, more than a handful of viewers have opposing thoughts.

Fans think the show played favorites

Suu and Autumn were robbed. This seems to be a common consensus among fans who appear "let down" by the results. A few even pointed out that Kelsey played it safe with her Panna Cotta:

What a shocker Kelsey won. This shit was predictable from the start and when that episode where she should of honestly went home and didn't i definitely thought this shit was rigged. They were playing favorite all season and i did not enjoy this season that much. #MasterChef
Kelsey was great most of the competition. But Autumn was doing as great and proved it tonight. Her menu stood out and was the most consistent in my opinion.I'm surprised with the result.#masterchef
Autumn was literally never in the bottom. They even said Kelsey鈥檚 menu was safe but she still won. Why am I not surprised they wanted her from the beginning. #Masterchef
I guess the whiter the better, is that so? #MasterChef Autumn and Suu should run away and start their own Eastern-flavors bistro together, omg
I thought Autumn's dishes had the least bad reviews 馃う鈥嶁檧锔 Did I watched a diff show? lol Start the damn #MaskedSinger at least this show doesn't disappoint me 馃ぃ #MasterChef
The women who created beautiful Asian food, one with Italian Japanese fusion lost to a duck dish from 2002, please. #MasterChef鈥
@MASTERCHEFonFOX Nope. Kelsey was not the best contestant. I don鈥檛 get it. #MasterChef
@MASTERCHEFonFOX You obviously wanted Kelsey from beginning. Disappointed would鈥檝e been happy with Autumn or Suu.
@MASTERCHEFonFOX First time ever I think you guys got it completely wrong 馃憥馃徎 To say I鈥檓 shocked is an understatement.
@MASTERCHEFonFOX Steak, lobster, bland pur茅e, and half filled panna cotta鈥 because we鈥檝e never seen that before 馃檮 I guess the overcooked hard cookies were a unique touch. Autumn and Suu were so innovative and exciting but you played it safe and catered to Fox viewers. Way to go 鈥楳ercia 馃憥馃徎

MasterChef Legends Season 11 finale recap

It was a close call for the judges, as all three contestants put their best foot forward. In keeping with the show's tradition, the chefs were tasked with the toughest of all culinary challenges. They were expected to dish out three-course meals in a limited amount of time.

As they let that information sink in, Ramsay sprung another surprise. He said they'd have to create 10 plates of canap茅s, which would blend with the theme of their menu.

What followed next was anybody's guess. The chefs went on overdrive to put their best work forward. There were a few hits and misses but it was a good show overall.

While Kelsey appeared confident of her approach to the finale dishes, Suu knew she had to put Burmese food on the map. Autumn was visibly nervous about bringing her Italian heritage with the dessert but it worked out well for her.

MasterChef Legends will return with Season 12 on FOX. The release date and other details from the show are yet to be announced.

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