Who won Netflix's Dance 100 competition? Winner goes home with $100,000

Brandi has been dancing she was 3-years-old (Image via LA Funk)
Brandi has been dancing she was 3-years-old (Image via LA Funk)

Netflix dropped all six episodes of the new intense competition Dance 100 on March 17 at 03:01 am ET.

In the finale, choreographer Brandi Chun won $100,000 by impressing many dancers in the Dance 100 group. The series started with eight choreographers teaching dance routines to seven members of the group, which had 100 of the best dancers from all across the globe, and as the competition progressed, six of the contestants went home as they were unable to impress the dancing team.

More than half of the team members chose Brandi as the winner, and the audience could not help but applaud her outstanding efforts. She went against Keenan Cooks in the finale and beat him with her smooth and flawless choreography. She was very scared at first and did not even look up until she was announced as the winner of Dance 100.

Chun called her mother after winning the competition, and she said the whole family was proud of her. She was overwhelmed with emotions in her final speech and could not say much. She did, however, reveal that it was all going to sink in later and that she was feeling blessed and grateful.

The Dance 100 group praised Brandi Chun for her finale performance

In the finale, Brandi first performed with 50 dancers from the team on the song Keep Moving by Jungle. The performance was very graceful, with some dancers performing on top of the stairs while one of them performed stunts. The exit was very dramatic, with one dancer throwing glitter at himself.

Brandi wanted the dance to feel like an award show dance routine and compared it to the "hanging out with your friends at the club" scene. Dancer Lily praised Brandi for including everyone's individuality in the routine but wanted to see more silhouettes in the starting. Cece said the performance was phenomenal and so was the song, which was given to the choreographers. She also praised the exit.

For the final winning piece, the Dance 100 winner had to perform with all 100 dancers in the group. While Brandi was nervous, the dancers were sure of her choreography. Aleisha said that she loved the little notebook Brandi carried to note down the important stuff while teaching the steps.

One of the dancers revealed that Chun goes on each performer's Instagram account to see which steps they can perform well. Brandi Chun's final performance was on MOP's Ante Up. The song was performed in a freestyle yet segmented routine. While the ending was a bit abrupt, the audience was blown away by the flawless steps and the choreography.

Shaquille, a dancer, remarked that Brandi was always ready with something everyone wanted to see. Robbie said that the winner's choreography was complex, and no one could have guessed what was coming next in the routine.

At the age of 3, Brandi began dancing

Brandi started dancing at the age of 3 and trained at the 24-7 Danceforce Studios until she graduated high school. She moved to LA from Hawaii to become a dancer and has choreographed for many companies like Rodan + Fields and We Work.

Chun has also appeared in a Bank of Hawaii commercial, which was released in the country during the Super Bowl.

Fans can stream all the episodes of Dance 100 season 1 on Netflix.

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