Why does Amber Heard keep looking at the jury? Actress's body language sparks online debate

Amber Heard's constant gaze towards the jury came under scrutiny amid Johnny Depp's defamation trial (Image via Steve Helber/Getty Images)
Amber Heard's constant gaze towards the jury came under scrutiny amid Johnny Depp's defamation trial (Image via Steve Helber/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, May 17, Amber Heard concluded her testimony in the ongoing defamation trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Her time in the stands came to an end after facing a grilling cross-examination by Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez.

During the cross-examination, Heard continued to dismiss and deny claims made by other witnesses whose testimony contradicted her statements. Meanwhile, the actress kept looking at the jury while sharing her answers with the court.

My feed on #YouTube is filled with #DeppVsHeard. #AmberHeard has the worst amazing fake emotional sad testimony ever.1.why is she always looking the jury for every answer2. Can cry with no tears3.never answers a yes or no.#jonnydepp

Several social media users studied Heard’s body language during the trial and criticized her habit of looking at the jury while providing her testimony.

Exploring Amber Heard’s look towards the jury during Johnny Depp defamation trial


Ever since Amber Heard took the stand to testify at Johnny Depp's defamation trial, she has often been spotted looking at the jury while providing her statements. She repeated similar behavior during her recent cross-examination and sparked an online debate regarding the issue.

Earlier in the trial, body language expert Judi James told The Daily Mail that Heard turned towards the jury right after taking the stand. She said that while it is common for people in the U.S. to address the jury while answering in court, Heard possibly attempted to develop a personal connection with the panel:

"Amber's direction of gaze and speech when she first takes the stand is important. It is quite common for people to address their answers to the jury in the US but Amber seems to create personal connections and tie-signs quickly here."
Can someone kindly tell me why #AmberHeard keeps looking at the jury when answering a Q?Is this a US thing as I don’t believe we need to look at the jury in a UK courtroom after every Q?

At the time, the expert noted that Heard smiled towards the judge and turned her head towards the jury before providing her answers. James also noted that Heard’s hair was draped to the left, allowing the jury to “have a clear view of her face” both in silhouette and while she addressed them.

James also shared that Heard's body language would allow the jury “to get to see her eyes” and make them believe her statements as eyes are considered to be “one of the most revealing body parts in terms of inner feelings and emotions”:

"We tend to trust people more when we can see their eye expression so this gesture could suggest she has nothing to hide."

The expert noted that the Aquaman star aimed to show respect towards the jury possibly with the aim of developing “early connections”:

"It shows them a certain amount of respect to them to want to address them directly as it shows a consideration of them as being in ultimate control in terms of the verdict. It helps to build some early connections."
Amber Heard: "I don't recall"Camille: "Let's see if we can help your recollection"God damn, Camille is a SAVAGE! She's got Amber stunlocked, and she keeps looking at the jury when defending herself (not giving to charity, etc.) #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #JohnnyDepptrial

James even mentioned that Amber Heard continued to look at the jury throughout the trial to “humanize” herself rather than getting isolated as a public figure who the officials “presumably have been hearing negative comments about.”

Twitter reacts to Amber Heard's body language during trial

Netizens mocked Amber Heard for constantly looking at the jury (Image via Jim Lo Scalzo/Getty Images)
Netizens mocked Amber Heard for constantly looking at the jury (Image via Jim Lo Scalzo/Getty Images)

Amber Heard has been under intense public scrutiny ever since her defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp began at Fairfax County Court on April 11. Social media users have long been engaged in dissecting and analyzing every move made by the stars at the end of each hearing.

Several people also took to Twitter to share their opinion about Heard's body language:

Amber Heard looking at the jury every time she answers a question is annoying.
Amber Heard looking at the jury and sliping answers for her lawyer’s questions even though an objection has been made tell you everything about her manipulation and personality. The judge had to instruct her not to because she is obviously doing it on purpose.#AmberHeardIsALiar
okay but why does amber heard keep looking over at the jury whenever she's asked something lol that to me makes you look more guilty
Why does Amber Heard- answer the attorney by looking at the jury. It is SO awkward.
Also why does Amber Heard keep looking at the jury whenever she’s answering a question, STOP ANSWERING TO THEM AND ANSWER THE PROSECUTOR INSTEAD???
I think the craziest thing in this Johnny depp amber heard court hearings is amber answers her questions looking at the jury instead of the lawyer and it’s creepy
why does amber heard answer every question looking at the jury I literally can't even stand to watch her speak anymore
Amber Heard needs to stop looking at the jury when she answers. It’s so creepy, like she’s performing. #AmberHeard
The constant looking at the jury every answer is absurd, they must hate it. Further, why does she look like she won the case with every answer she gives, she’s so proud LOL “That is correct” - I nailed that one!! #JusticeForJohnnyDepp#AmberHeard#AmberHeardIsALiar
The way she’s looking at the jury is VERY wrong like she’s playing mind games and manipulate / intimidating the jury #AmberHeard
I cannot with the way Amber Heard is always looking at the jury.
Amber Heard looking at the Jury at any opportunity
Camille makes a question and Amber Heard answers it looking at the jury. Every. Single. Time. That’s so weird, she makes me sick 😫 #AmberHeardDeservesPrison
Amber Heard "sadly" looking over at the jury as the audio of her gaslighting Johnny see if they buy it. Conveniently cutting off before the crazy comes out of her in the very same tape. Cross should get interesting when she is made to listen to the rest of it.
It’s incredible to watch Amber Heard deny, distract or deflect from all the damning evidence that shows she’s lying about everything. Camille has the receipts and Amber continues to double down while looking at the jury. The jury HAS to know she’s a twisted liar. #JohnnyDepptrial

As reactions continue to pour in online, it remains to be seen if Heard’s body language and consistent gaze towards the jury will be mentioned during the final days of the trial.

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