Why does Caryn not want to move into the big house with Matt in Little People, Big World? 

Matt Roloff and Caryn in Little People, Big World (Image via mattroloff/Instagram)
Matt Roloff and Caryn in Little People, Big World (Image via mattroloff/Instagram)

TLC's Little People, Big World Season 23 returned with an intense episode on Tuesday night. This week, Matt decided to take a look at the big house on his farm that he used to live in. He intended to move into it with Caryn, but he needed her approval first. The couple paid a visit to the north side of the farm where the house was situated.

Episode 8 of Little People, Big World, showcased Matt and Caryn discussing what to do with the big house and the rest of the farm. While Matt claimed that he was a little upset that none of his kids would be living in the house or on the farm, he believed that it was time to utilize it in some way.

However, after taking a tour of the house, Caryn felt that it wasn't a good decision for them to move there. The Little People, Big World star gave a few reasons as to why she didn't want to move into the big house.

Here's why Caryn was against moving into Matt's old house on the north side of the farm in Little People, Big World

When the couple entered the house to have a look around, Caryn claimed that she was keeping an open mind about moving in. But the second she saw the living room, she said that it reminded her of the Matt Roloff from 20 years ago.

During his confessional, the Little People, Big World star shared:

"When I originally bought this piece of property, I mean, It was just a square box. My biggest memory is all the incredible amount of work it took to get to this. It's now a 5,400 square foot house."

However, Caryn believed that there were a lot of pluses when it came to the house. The Little People, Big World couple was going to take a look at the master bedroom next, but Caryn wasn't able to appreciate the house.

During her confessional, Caryn shared:

"Walking through it, I still feel strong that it is probably not a good decision for so many reasons."

She told Matt that she always wanted to stay open-minded, but when she walked into the master bedroom she couldn't stop thinking about the fact that it once belonged to him and Amy. Matt then offered to completely renovate the room so that it looked different.

During his confessional, he said that he understood why Caryn was hesitant to move into the big house. Matt shared that the big house is where he raised his family, and it came with a lot of memories, baggage, and emotions attached. But according to him, it was still his house and they could easily create new memories there. However, Caryn couldn't get over the house's history.

She told Matt that if they moved into the house and were to host Thanksgiving, everyone would have memories of Amy cooking, and her decision to not stay there was solely based on an emotional response. Caryn said:

"Having this giant house just doesn't... it almost feels unfair, right? It should go to a family with kids, running around like your kids did."

After Caryn's confession, Matt decided to put the north side of the farm up for sale. He sent an email out to his family members but hadn't contacted them personally. However, he did inform Chris about the decision.

Little People, Big World airs every Tuesday night at 9.00 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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