"Why do we get DMCA-f****d on Twitch?": xQc compares Twitch to YouTube

xQc recently compared Twitch with YouTube in a hilarious manner.
xQc recently compared Twitch with YouTube in a hilarious manner.

Recently, Twitch streamer xQc ended up going on a hilarious rant, comparing the way the platform treats its DMCA violators, as opposed to YouTube.

The recent Twitch DMCA controversy has resulted in widespread criticism for the platform from streamers and gamers alike.

Twitch has come under scrutiny for being vague about their plans with respect to dealing with the DMCA strikes that various music corporations have filed against streamers who use copyrighted music on their channels.

The platform had first informed streamers that the problematic content will be removed automatically, but ended up giving out bans for videos that did not even exist on the platform anymore!

Given the situation, xQc was recently found comparing the Twitch with YouTube. He ended up highlighting the difference between the platforms in a hilarious way.


xQc compares Twitch to YouTube, questions the platform’s attempts to handle the DMCA situation

Félix “xQc” Lengyel is a former Overwatch professional who streams a variety of games on Twitch. Apart from Overwatch, he also plays Minecraft, Fortnite, CS:GO, Valorant, and more recently Among Us. xQc also regularly posts clips from his streams on his YouTube channel, where he currently has 1.24 million subscribers.

On Twitch, xQc boasts 4.4 million followers. Apart from his gaming skills, xQc is popular due to his hilariously witty personality and funny reactions.

Since the release of Cyberpunk 2077, xQc has already given his viewers some comedic incidents. In a recent stream, he was listening to the live stream of the “Twitch Town Hall,” where Twitch actually apologized for the way it handled certain DMCA related issues.

However, xQc was not having it, and compared the platform’s approach with YouTube’s.

“Okay, guys! Why do we get DMCA-f***ed when on YouTube we get DMCA-warned? So in YouTube’s system, whenever you break the rule, they lube you up, right? But on Twitch, whenever we break the rules they go dry. That’s weird dude.”

Delivered in his hilariously familiar tone, xQc explained that YouTube simply sends out warnings to creators when they use copyrighted content. However, on Twitch, these violations have ended up in bans and suspensions, something which has been criticized by the entire community.

Image via xQc, Twitch
Image via xQc, Twitch

In a nutshell, Twitch’s way of handling the DMCA violations and the lack of protection for content creators on the platform have resulted in frustration across the community. With certain long term solutions in the pipeline, a change of approach is needed for now.

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