Why did Jeff Wittek walk off of The Bryce Hall Roast? Feud with David Dobrik explained

Jeff Wittek walks off of Bryce Hall Roast amid feud with David Dobrik (Image via Instagram/jeff and daviddobrik)
Jeff Wittek walks off of Bryce Hall Roast amid feud with David Dobrik (Image via Instagram/jeff and daviddobrik)

In an ongoing spat between Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik, the former has announced that he will not be participating in The Roast of Bryce Hall. The YouTuber placed the blame on David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad for censoring his set.

On February 23, Wittek stated that he did not want to be a part of anything Dobrik (whom he referred to as a “scumbag”) would be involved in. His tweet read:

I’m no longer a part of the roast of Bryce hall. My entire set will be cut due to censorship, and David Dobrik being involved. I refuse to be a part of anything that scumbag is involved in from here on out.

In a livestream held recently, the 32-year-old Wittek said that he was “done being fake friends” with Dobrik. Wittek has also been ruthlessly attacking the vlogger on social media, which included him calling Dobrik a “sociopath” as well.

Bryce Hall responds to Jeff Wittek walking out of roast

Following the tweet being posted on social media, TikToker Bryce Hall responded to the same. He tweeted:

did i miss a chapter wtf…

The 22-year-old TikToker was referring to the online feud between Wittek and Dobrik.

Wittek went on to tweet that he chose to walk off the roast without being forced by anyone else. He continued:

I chose to have my set cut. they tried to remove half my jokes. This was supposed to be a COMEDY show! I didn’t say anything I wouldn’t say in my own YouTube videos or podcasts. This is all because that coward was there and he can’t take jokes…

After announcing his exit from the awaited show, Wittek continued to slam Dobrik on Twitter. This time he made fun of the YouTuber’s physical appearance. His tweet read:

Hey look he’s sponsored again! Congrats you bald eagle!

The Bryce Hall Roast will take place on Friday, February 25. The video will feature well-known influencers including Tana Mongeau and Jason Nash.

Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik’s history explained

Wittek appeared regularly on David Dobrik’s vlogs. He gained more traction in May 2021, after opening up about his experience sustaining an eye injury while filming a vlog for Dobrik in Utah.

David Dobrik attempted to film a prank where Wittek was swung over a rope on an excavator in a one-foot-deep lake. When the accident occurred, Dobrik was operating the excavator.

He has since then released a docu-series revealing more about the aftereffects of the grave injury. He also confronted Dobrik in one of the episodes where Dobrik admitted to not knowing “how to navigate properly” in reference to the excavator.


Wittek also revealed recently that Dobrik had not messaged to check up on him following the stunt gone wrong.

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