”I’m done being fake friends with them”: Jeff Wittek slams David Dobrik in livestream after unfollowing him on Instagram 

Jeff Wittek (L) calls David Dobrik (R) a fake friend on live stream (Image via Instagram/jeff/daviddobrik)
Jeff Wittek (L) calls David Dobrik (R) a fake friend on live stream (Image via Instagram/jeff/daviddobrik)

Vlogger Jeff Wittek recently dissed David Dobrik on live stream, saying he was "done being fake friends" with him. The two had tension brewing since a crane accident almost cost Wittek his life.

While answering a fan's question, Wittek revealed that Dobrik had not contacted or checked up on him since his recent surgery. Wittek has gone through several procedures to fix his eye since the incident, which proved to be near fatal.

The incident occurred in 2020 while shooting a stunt for The Vlog Squad. The stunt saw Dobrik operate an excavator in the middle of a lake to pull the squad members on wakeboards. But things slowly escalated into Wittek riding a rope attached to the crane.

As Dobrik accelerated the speed of the crane, things got complicated, resulting in Wittek crashing into the excavator and suffering fatal injuries.

Jeff Wittek unfollowed Dobrik on Instagram

A short video clip from the live stream was posted by Instagram user @defnoodles. In the clip, Wittek addressed a question asking if Dobrik had contacted him after his recent surgery:

"Has David messaged you to see if you're okay?"

Wittek replied that he hadn't heard from Dobrik and was not surprised about it, replying:

“Nope. Nope. Not a text or nothing. Not surprised, you know. It is what it is… I’m done being fake friends with that m********ker.”

defnoodles also reported that the YouTuber had unfollowed Dobric on Instagram.

A few hours after the live stream, Wittek took another dig at Dobrik on an Instagram story, where he claimed:

"David's still gonna be f***ing ugly and bald."

He also posted a photoshopped picture of Dobrik with text that said,

"David just can't make the right decisions, smh, it's not that hard bro."

Jeff Wittek confronted David Dobrik in his YouTube documentary


According to Jeff Wittek, he felt a "resentment" towards Dobrik after the incident. He explained that seeing Dobrik's Instagram stories and posts made him feel worse, stating:

"I would click on it and it would be him being praised for something that he had accomplished that week. And I'm sitting here in my house, in the worst place I've ever been, thinking I'm never going to get back to where I was at."

He recalled wanting Dobrik to check on him and talk to him "man-to-man in person." He added,

"It made me resent him, it made me resent seeing his face, it made me not want to go online. It made me not want to open up YouTube. It just put me in a bad place. I'm healed enough to walk around, but I'm still really f***ed up."

He also revealed that he felt like Dorbik had purposefully put his life in danger, to which Dobrik clarified that he "didn't do it on purpose."

Dobrik further added:

"The last thing I wanted was to f**king launch somebody in the water. It was a stupid f**king, It was an accident and it's one of the worst kinds of accidents.”

The two ended up on good terms in the fourth installment of Jeff Wittek's four-part documentary "Don't Try This At Home," but it seems like the two are no longer friends.

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