Why did Lea Michele slide into Paige DeSorbo’s DMs? Summer House star reveals her first reaction to Glee actress’ message

Lea Michele DMed Paige DeSorbo asking her about her spray tan (Images via paige_desorbo and leamichele/ Instagram)
Lea Michele DMed Paige DeSorbo asking her about her spray tan (Images via paige_desorbo and leamichele/ Instagram)

Recently on an episode of E’s Down in the DMs, Winter House star Paige DeSorbo revealed that Lea Michele of Glee fame, DMed her on Instagram asking where she got her spray tans done. Paige recounted that her first reaction was to message Michele, responding, "Oh my god, I'm obsessed with you." She further added,

"And then, obviously, I told her where I get my spray tans done because I would never gatekeep from Lea Michele."

Paige DeSorbo, who is known for appearances in Summer House, Winter House and Spare Me, also revealed in the episode that The Sopranos’ Jamie-Lynn Sigler also messaged her about a work opportunity.

What did Paige DeSorbo reveal in her interview on E’s Down in the DMs?

Paige DeSorbo disclosed on Down in the DMs that she usually does not send DMs to celebrities. She told viewers that Jamie-Lynn Sigler reacted to her Instagram story and asked her to be her stylist for a show, but she did not see the message. She said,

"She was going to be on Watch What Happens Live, and she actually wanted me to style her for it, and I didn't see the DM! And it's probably one of my biggest regrets."

When asked who she would message on the popular social media site, Paige DeSorbo responded that it would be Jennifer Lopez. Paige stated that there was no one more iconic than Jlo and that if given the opportunity, she would dress up like her for Halloween and themed events. She further added,

"If I had the guts to send Jlo a message, honestly it would probably be something so cheesy. like, ‘Keep up the good work. You're doing great. Keep going."

Paige De Sorbo also said that Dua Lipa would be good to hang out with. When asked what she would message her, Paige replied,

"If I were to DM Dua Lipa, it would definitely be off of something she was wearing, like, "Where did you get that?" and, like, "Can we hang out?"

Paige DeSorbo is dating Winter House star Craig Conover. She revealed that she used her "FBI agent" skills to figure out who messaged who first on Instagram. She said,

"Craig actually DMed me off of a painting that I posted that somebody painted of me, and he said, "Wow, this is really cool" and I said, "LOL, I know, right?" And then, we didn't DM again for like two years. So, I don't know if I nailed it with that response, or that was awful."

Paige is set to appear on Southern Charm Season 8. She further revealed that fans in her DMs were concerned about her not getting along with other girls on the show but the TV personality relieved them by saying,

"I actually got along with every single one of them. It is true, they are nicer in the south."

She confessed that Deuxmoi had tagged her in multiple posts and wanted to set her up on a date, but she turned down the offer when she began dating Craig. She complained that men didn't DM her and that she frequently received messages saying her fashion sense was terrible or her hair looked bad.

She added that she replied to the messages by saying thanks and revealed,

"I usually just say thank you because if you're saying it, my mom probably already told me that she didn't like my outfit, so you're late to the party."

She also disclosed that she talked to college girls in her DMs on how to solve their boyfriend problems. To add to this, lots of people even questioned the TV personality about her podcast Giggly Squad regarding the weird things she did.

Paige DeSorbo will be seen on Southern Charm Season 8 with her boyfriend Craig Conover. The series premieres on Thursday, June 23 at 9pm ET on Bravo.

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