Why did Noella Bergener and James Bergener split? Cause explored as RHOC star reveals dating status

Noella Bergener and ex-husband James Bergener (Image via Sportskeeda)
Noella Bergener and ex-husband James Bergener (Image via Sportskeeda)

On Bravo’s hit show Real Housewives of Orange Country, Noella Bergener recently revealed her divorce dispute with ex-husband James Bergener. She was aghast when James abandoned her and left the country all of a sudden, leaving her with the divorce papers. The two are presently going through a difficult divorce.

The recent update states that the new housewife is currently dating someone but has refrained from disclosing the new man’s identity. Noella wants to respect her new relationship by protecting her privacy but is excited to spill the beans soon.

Noella Bergener and James Bergener’s divorce timeline

Apparently, the ex-couple is fighting over determining legal issues, majorly over their son, James Jr’s, custody. The housewife opened up about her unexpected divorce, and estranged husband on RHOC. She shared,

"He had a midlife crisis coupled with shame coupled with like some narcissistic spiral of just bats--t craziness."

The couple’s marital turbulence began in 2020, two months after tying the knot, due to reasons cited as "irreconcilable differences”.

On the show, she explained how financial troubles gradually led to her wrecked marriage with husband James. She expressed,

"Unfortunately, there were some financial things that were not disclosed to me from my husband and it's associated with this house, so I cannot wait to just be done with it. It's a big stressor, not only for me, but for our marriage right now. It's just difficult to not have that trust."

She expressed how shocked she was at learning about her lawyer husband’s tax debts.

"I was in shock when I found out about my husband's tax debts. Initially, it was one lien for $4 million. Ten days later I found out that it was two liens and closer to $6 million."

To solve her husband’s mid-life crisis, Noella Bergener suggested him to sell their Puerto Rico house to ease his debts. But the ex-couple ended up fighting over her suggestion. Later, the final episode of her marriage took off when James sent her divorce papers without an explanation. Noella said on RHOC,

"Six months ago, the man left the house, got on our private plane and left and has not been back. He's been back to Orange County multiple times. He comes back every two weeks. I hear my lawyers were annoyed that I didn't want to serve him when he stayed at the Hyatt. I see the charges.”

Noella Bergener is currently fighting her “frustrating” divorce where her husband is demanding 50/50 custody of her two-year-old son.

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