Why did Vika Abbyaeva stop her boyfriend Richard Chang mid-proposal in Bling Empire: New York season finale?

Richard and Vita face an awkward situation as the latter asks Richard not to propose (Image via chairman_chang/ Instagram)
Richard and Vika face an awkward situation as the latter asks Richard not to propose (Image via chairman_chang/Instagram)

All the episodes of Bling Empire: New York season 1 released on Netflix on January 20 at 3.01 am ET.

This season, Richard Chang, the director of Calvin Klein’s merchandise planning, revealed that he was dating a girl named Vika Abbyaeva. The duo has an 11-year age gap and viewers rooted for them to have their happily ever after.

Richard confessed that he had been on thousands of dates before meeting Vika and falling for her. With the support of his brother and mother, Richard decided to propose to Vika after dating her for over a year.

Vika stopped Richard mid-proposal in Bling Empire: New York as it was not a "good time" for her to get married

Vika was not ready to get married at the age of 26 and wanted to hang out with all of the amazing people around her. However, she knew about the pressure Richard had to deal with.

She informed her friends that if he proposed to her, she would not accept the same.

While proposing, Richard said that Vika gave him unwavering support and compared her to his mother. He stated that he could imagine being with her when he was old and wanted to buy a home with a garden for her.

This was when Vika interrupted and asked him to stop mid-proposal. She revealed that she did not want to get married as it was not a "good time." She mentioned that she did not want to rush into anything.

Richard was heartbroken after this and did not know what to do with the "overflowing" love that he had for Vika. According to the couple's Instagram posts, they are still together, one year after shooting for Bling Empire: New York.

Vika and Richard's intense fight in Bling Empire: New York season 1

Richard had a hard time connecting with other cast members like Tina and Dorothy. So, when Vika mentioned that she was planning a girls-only trip to the Bahamas, Richard asked her not to go. He did not trust this particular group of girls and did not want Vika to be alone with them.

However, Vika told him that the other girls thought he was trying to "overshadow" her. Richard asked her why she wanted to hang out with such a group of people and called her "stupid."

He immediately regretted what he said and Vika did not talk to him the whole weekend while she was in the Bahamas. She also informed the girls about the same, who felt that she was in an emotionally abusive relationship. Richard apologized to Vika after she returned and got her flowers.

Richard confronted the other cast members about their remarks

Richard was shocked to hear what others thought of his relationship with Vika. He believed that those who knew barely anything about them should not be given the authority to comment on their personal lives.

At dinner, Richard asked the others not to make assumptions about his relationship. However, the cast members said that they were simply stating what they felt after hearing about his conversation with Vika.

All the episodes of Bling Empire: New York series and other spin-off shows of the Bling Empire franchise are now available on Netflix. It is currently unclear if Bling Empire: New York will return for a second season.

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