Will there be a Hospital Playlist season 3? Director Shin Won Ho spills the beans

Director Shin Won Ho and Hospital Playlist behind-the-scene photo (Images via MyDramaList and Instagram/@tvn_drama)
Director Shin Won Ho and Hospital Playlist behind-the-scene photo (Images via MyDramaList and Instagram/@tvn_drama)

In an interview with Sports Chosun on October 7, director Shin Won Ho talked about a potential Hospital Playlist season 3, saying “there are still a lot of stories left to tell”. The ecstatic news might be the small ray of hope loyal fans of possibly the best friendship-medical drama were waiting for.

The award-winning PD Shin Won Ho hadn’t talked much about Hospital Playlist season 3 previously. He did admit in the interview that it isn’t easy to decide whether he would want to continue the story or not.

Director Shin Won Ho dishes on Hospital Playlist season 3 potential storyline

In the much-awaited news, Hospital Playlist director Shin Won Ho has finally addressed the questions fans have been waiting for since the show ended on September 16 - Is Hospital Playlist season 3 possible?

In a recent interview with the show’s director, he did reveal that there was no hard-and-fast decision that there would never be a Hospital Playlist season 3. He elaborated, saying that the team’s initial plan was to tell the many stories of a group of doctor best friends and their daily lives. But even after two seasons, there’s no end to their stories.

He said, (translation via Soompi):

“There are still a lot of stories left to tell about the patients and their guardians. Since the initial plan was to tell the stories of these doctors’ daily lives, there are still a lot of stories remaining. Just like how in our lives, today passes and then we have tomorrow’s story, and when tomorrow passes we’ll have stories from the day after, there’s no end to the daily lives of the ’99-ers’.”

Hospital Playlist’s season 3 might seem impossible, as a K-drama getting a season 2 is rare in itself. But considering the incredible reception the medical drama received, with the show not even once losing its footing, it sets expectations for a third season extremely high.

Season 1 went on to become the ninth highest-rated K-drama in cable television history. Even season 2’s premiere became tvN’s highest-viewed premiere in its history. NME, South China Morning Post and Teen Vogue even included the show in their Top K-dramas of 2020 list.

With such an incredible reception, PD Shin Won Ho does feel the pressure.

“However, since I’ve accumulated a lot of concerns and exhaustion from producing my first drama with more than one season, I don’t think it’ll be easy to make a decision on whether we’ll continue on with this story.”

Even in an interview in September, during the end of Season 2, the director told the actors that they were not bound for another season and could take up other projects. He said,

“If we happen to return later on, we can do it then. There are no specific plans for [Hospital Playlist] Season 3 right now.”

As season 2 ended up tying all the loose ends - whether love or friendship - fans still yearn to see Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho and Kim Dae Myung on screen as the cutest 99s Squad again in a possible Hospital Playlist season 3.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar