Five most iconic performances from Hospital Playlist Season 2

The doctors in Hospital Playlist formed a band, back in college, called Gongnyang Ridge (Image via Instagram/@hospitalplaylist_official)
The doctors in Hospital Playlist formed a band, back in college, called Gongnyang Ridge (Image via Instagram/@hospitalplaylist_official)

Hospital Playlist, directed by Shin Won-ho, the director of shows like the Reply series and Prison Playbook, follows the lives of a group of doctors living in Seoul. The first season being released in 2020, the second season of Hospital Playlist brings back the beloved doctors of Yulje, some blossoming romance, friendships, and life and death situations.

With the penultimate episode of Season 2 leaving the audience on a high (spoiler alert), let's look at some of the best performances by 'Gongnyang Ridge' as we wait for the last episode.Five most iconic performances from Hospital Playlist Season 2.

Here are the best performances from the second season of Hospital Playlist

5) “The Rain and You”

The Yulje gang welcomed fans to the second season of Hospital Playlist with "The Rain and You" by Park Joon-hoon. Perfect for a rainy day, this song is about loss and sorrow, acceptance and hope, making it the perfect first song for a new season. Rain has played an essential role throughout the relationship between Ik-Jun (Jo Jung-suk) and Song-Hwa, making fans speculate that this song is about Song-hwa's (Jeon Mi-do) feelings. But several others have theorized that it is actually for Seok-hyung (Kim Dae-myung), who bid farewell to his ex-wife, and finally moved on in peace.

Jo Jung-suk's incredible vocals make this song even more poignant and a perfect welcome to this heartwarming show: Hospital Playlist.


4) “Let’s Forget It”

Hospital Playlist's seemingly cold heart surgeon, Jun-wan (Jung Kyung-ho), with a soft interior, finally gets to show off his vocal skills in this song about heartbreak. Trying to forget his worries and heartache by singing his heart out, he made his misery felt through his voice.

This performance, full of angst and passion, also emphasizes the temporary strain in the relationship between Jun-wan and Ik-jun, full of guilt and confusion. Though their minds might not be in sync, for that moment, their voices were, giving us this incredible performance.

Fans of the show writers' other works will recognize "Let's Forget It" from another fan-favorite show, Reply 1988. Melody Day's Yeoeun's cover featured Kim Jung-Hwan's similarly, whose fate had left thousands of fans heartbroken.


3) “Still Beautiful”

An extraordinary guest joins the gang for this sweet performance. In the absence of keyboard maestro Seong Hyuk, the Hospital Playlist band was joined by Ahn Jung-won's (Yoo Yeon-seok) omma, Rosa. Turns out, Mama Rosa, other than being a spectacular mother, was also a phenomenal musician who had left playing when she was younger.

Temporarily ignoring the struggles and fears of age that had begun to catch up on her, Rosa gave this touching performance with the band, as they covered the song "Still Beautiful" by Kim Yeon-woo.


2) “Your Crush on Me”

After years of begging for a chance as the main vocalist, Song-hwa finally got her way in this memorable performance of "Your Crush on Me." She may not have the voice, but she made up for it with her energy and confidence.

Hospital Playlist's main villain's birthday turned out to be a day they will never forget for the gang, as they perform together. The others stole glances at each other, full of suffering and judgment, but also affection, which will seem familiar for anyone who has friends they love dearly, but sometimes find annoying.

Our birthday girl sure proved that it doesn't matter whether you're on or off-key, as long as you have confidence and a loyal gang of friends.


1) “It’s My Life”

Ever expected to hear Bon Jovi in a K-Drama? Hospital Playlist is known to deliver the unexpected, and they did it yet again.

In one of the most incredible performances of the season, 'Gongnyang Ridge' pulled out their leather pants and silver chains to bring back rock-n-roll. In this performance, the gang delivered on all fronts, with Ik-jun and Jun-wan harmonizing to perfection, Seok-hyung proving great backup vocals, and hitting those high notes. Even Song-hwa's off-key overlay somehow made the whole production even better.

Last but not least, Jung-won's biceps made their extraordinary debut in this performance, and they sure did leave a mark.

The cover also showcased the range the band can cover, from pop to romance to classic English rock 'n' roll, all to perfection.


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