Yellowstone Season 4 on Blu-ray: Extras, behind-the-scenes footage, and more explored

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone (Image via Paramount)
Kevin Costner in Yellowstone (Image via Paramount)

Yellowstone's extravagant fourth season is now out on Blu-ray with a ton of extras and behind-the-scenes footage, which makes the already exciting series even more intriguing. The show had a brilliant run with its fourth season, which was by far its most daunting season, with plotlines that were absolute game-changers.

The show follows the journey of a rancher family, the Duttons, in their struggle for power in protecting and expanding their land in the complicated environment of the Wild West. The show has gotten better with each successive season, with the fourth one reaching the pinnacle of drama.

Read on to learn more about the Blu-ray release of the iconic Yellowstone Season 4.

What's special in Yellowstone Season 4 Blu-ray?

Yellowstone Season 4 Blu-ray features all ten episodes of the explosive series while also featuring nearly four hours of extra content, including behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the cast and crew members, and other additional content like Opening Pandora’s Box.

Blu-ray owners will also get a peek at Taylor Sheridan's ideas regarding the generational Dutton family and how he plans to expand it. 1883 has already done some of it, and Sheridan is looking to expand the Dutton universe even further.

The first three discs of the Blu-ray edition have behind-the-scenes footage of individual episodes, ranging from 7 to 15 minutes. These have been featured in Blu-ray editions of other seasons as well. This season's discs have more of Sheridan, and give a deeper insight into the future of the series.

Apart from the extra content, the Blu-ray release also brings the great story of the Duttons to the TV screens. Season 4 opens with intensity and continues along that line for all ten episodes, bringing in countless twists and turns throughout the season.

Blu-ray video and audio review

Yellowstone is a gorgeously shot series. It is no surprise that the perfect Blu-ray quality brings the best out of the vibrant landscape of Dutton's ranch. The day and night scenes simply shine in 1080p. It is a perfect treat for the eyes.

The sound is equally good, coming equipped with Dolby 5.1 sound, which is pretty much the industry standard now. It feels particularly good because of how well-composed the score in the show is. In short, bundled with all the additional features, this Blu-ray copy is a delight for drama television fans.

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