"You should be ashamed": Chase Hudson and Jesse McCartney feature on 'Top 10 male singers list', and the internet is not amused

Chase Hudson and Jesse McCartney made more bad news recently (Image via lilhuddy & jessemccartney/Instagram)
Chase Hudson and Jesse McCartney made more bad news recently (Image via lilhuddy & jessemccartney/Instagram)

Barstool Sports has released its ‘Power Ranking the Top 10 Male Singers of All Time” list, which included Chase Hudson and Jesse McCartney, to netizens’ dismay. The comments under the Twitter post are nothing but a strong dislike for the list.

McCartney ranked third, and TikToker Hudson held the ninth position on the list. Though the former has been releasing music since 1994, the latter has not released more than 20 songs.


Hudson, popularly known as ‘Lil Huddy’, received flack for being on the list alongside Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson.

Who else made the list alongside Chase Hudson and Jesse McCartney?

Barstool often reports on sports and pop culture. The media company included the following singers on the list ranked from position one: Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Jesse McCartney, Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding, Adam Lambert, Ryan Cabrera, Stevie Wonder, Chase Hudson, and Bob Dylan.

The Twitter post also read that the “rankings generated by data obtained from the ULL.” ULL stands for the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

Compared to the notable figures on the list, Hudson and Jesse McCartney have not amounted to the accolades the other singers have achieved.

A few tweets responding to the list read:

Some netizens assumed the list was made in jest and to boost engagement for the website. Many took it humorously, joking that other singers, including Rick Astley, best known for the “Never Gonna Give You Up” meme, should have made the list.

Numerous internet users who took the list in a grave manner were displeased not to see Freddie Mercury on the list. A few people also made their own lists of the top 10 male singers of all time.

This is not the first time the publication has made a questionable list. Last year, Barstool ranked the top 10 female singers of all time. It included TikTok sensation Addison Rae and Ashlee Simpson, leaving the internet enraged.

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